Take it Off the Mat with Iffet

Saturdays 1:15-2:45pm beginning January 7th

In this 8 week lecture and practice series, you will learn how to deepen your yoga practice and  take it “off the mat”. 
The practice of Yoga is over 6000 years old and is still an influential physical and philosophical path for health and wellness. This eight-week class series will focus on the history of yoga, the philosophy of “Yama and Niyama” (the Yogic “Do’s and Don’ts”) and how we can incorporate these into our physical yoga practice and our everyday lives to live in abundance and peace.
Each 90-minute class will consist of lecture, practice and discussion. This series is designed for the beginning, intermediate or advanced participant and does not depend on physical strength or endurance.
Certified yoga teachers can take this series for Continuing Education Units (12 CEUs) upon full completion of the series. 
Cost is $240 for members. Sign up at the front desk.