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Sharon and Ron

Meet Sharon and Ron

With a full-time job and a busy life, Sharon had a hard time getting into exercise. Then she and her husband Ron discovered p.r.e.p. at acac. Now they feel great and are motivated to stay on track!

Were you and Ron exercising regularly before p.r.e.p.?

I was exercising some, mostly riding my bike, but not consistently. Ron refused to work out at a gym for many years as he liked working out at home on our treadmill & bike. That’s obviously changed as he so likes acac. He’s made a huge change! By doing this as a couple we’re able to motivate each other and help keep each other on track.

Sharon, how did you get started with p.r.e.p.?

I originally began at the Midlothian location. I saw an advertisement in a local magazine and then heard from a friend who was already doing the program how much it had helped her. I called acac and scheduled a time to come in and find out more about the program and obtain the MD authorization form. When I went for an annual checkup I spoke with my MD about the program, gave her the information and asked her to fax it back to acac. She actually knew very little about the program at that time. I understand that she now refers many of her patients to p.r.e.p.

Once you started the program, what were your first steps?

First was the assessment—I was in great need of help! It was hard at first. My body ached and it was a challenging commitment to get there 3 times a week as I work full time. The more I attended, the easier it became. It was also summer time and I loved doing the outside water aerobics at the Robious Road location. At the Short Pump acac, the experience was similar—just different faces. Even though it was hard to get there, I always had a better attitude/outlook after exercising and could feel the difference. I’ve done warm water activities at Short Pump and it’s great. Probably what I remember most vividly was when I finished p.r.e.p. and my body fat was lowered and they showed me a chunk of fat that equaled the number of pounds of fat I’d lost—most memorable!!!

What have you and Ron liked most about the p.r.e.p. program?

It’s not complicated, and I can do it when it fits my schedule. It’s as challenging as I want it to be and it’s making me feel better. Ron likes that it is a simple, measurable exercise routine. Ron likes the Healthquest area and group exercises, and I like the pool activities, yoga and group exercises. I feel better after each and every visit (I also have arthritis), and Ron feels more physically fit than he has in years.

How did acac team members help along the way?

They were always helpful making sure I was using equipment correctly and not doing anything that could compromise my health. It was great to have them call me by name, provide encouragement and be genuinely interested. Their expertise as trainers made me confident with what I was doing. Plus, having a nurse to provide guidance and support was comforting.

What would you say to someone who wants to start exercising and is considering joining the p.r.e.p. program?

I actually have encouraged several friends to join. My comments to them are to give it a try–it’s not like other gyms. It’s a pleasant environment, clean, safe and people are incredibly nice. The p.r.e.p. program does not pressure you–it’s done using your own motivation but requires some commitment. You have nothing to lose by trying it, but a lot to lose in pounds/fat!! It’s a small investment for a large investment in your health.