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Aquatics Personal Training

Pre & Post Natal Small Group Training

Attention moms-to-be! This is a great program for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Pre-Natal H20 is a 4 week program and sessions are small group trainings.

For more information, please email Debbie Tracy.

Aquatic Small Group Training

Get a challenging and fun total body workout. Build upper and lower body strength, cardio and core all using the resistance of the water. Ideal for general conditioning, weight loss, increased strength and energy. Groups run 7 days a week.

For more information, please contact Karen Alexander

Lymphedema Aquatic Clinic

Karen will guide you one-on-one in light, warm water with exercises to help the long-term management of Lymphedema. The natural pressure and buoyancy allow this exercise program to help decrease pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase circulation, decrease fatique, and increase your sense of well-being. 4 weeks, with two 30-min sessions per week.

For more information, please contact Karen Alexander.

Healthy Series

Choose your area of focus: back, knee, hip, shoulder, or foot & ankle– each is a therapeutic program designed specifically for that body part. These 6 week programs meet twice a week for one hour, with each group consisting of no more than 6 participants with personalized program cards for each individual’s orthopedic concern to ensure success.

Healthy Back:
This program is designed to alleviate back pain due to stress and tension, traumatic accidents, poor physical conditioning, overuse, poor body mechanics and muscle imbalance. With this program you will improve flexibility, strength & balance, range of motion, coordination & gait and decrease pain.

Healthy Hip:
If you are pre/post operative, post physical therapy, suffer from chronic hip pain or have an uneven gait, this program will improve your flexibility, strength & balance, increase range of motion, coordination & gait and decrease pain level.

Healthy Knee:
This program is designed for pre/post, total/partial knee replacement, post physical therapy and chronic knee pain. Strengthen the muscles around the knee joint and increase range of motion & flexibility, increase balance & stability and reduce pain & swelling.

Healthy Shoulder:
This program is designed for pre/post operative individuals, post physical therapy or those experiencing chronic instability or pain. This program will increase range of motion & flexibility of the shoulder joint, shoulder stability, upper body strength and decrease shoulder pain.

For more information, please contact Karen Alexander.

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