Timonium Alert

 The Main Locker Rooms are closed for renovations, the locker rooms on the p.r.e.p./Timonium rd. side will be available for use for all ages during this time. Thank you for your patience as we complete this project! 

9/13-9/16 | Due to some upcoming renovation noise all classes in STUDIO D will be relocated to STUDIO C. Thank you for your patience! 

Member Stories

Pilates at acac has helped Lloyd maintain stability and strength, greatly reducing the side effects of Transverse Myelitis, a spinal chord disease.

acac feels like a second home. The friendly members and team make this my 5-days- a-week retreat.”

– Lloyd, acac Timonium success story 




Neal Kopasek, Kristian’s personal trainer at acac Timonium, she accounts for making a significant difference in her recovery both physically and psychologically, especially noting:

“Neal’s in depth knowledge of the human anatomy and the various exercises required to recover specific lost functions, his tireless work and genuine care trainer.”

“Following my stroke, acac’s programs, administered by their focused and caring team, has helped me get closer to my recovery goals.”

– Kristian, acac Timonium p.r.e.p.® success story 


Meet Member Karen K. and acac Personal Trainer, John S

After being hit head-on in an automobile accident in July 2015 and being flown to shock trauma, Karen K. was left with shattered elbows, ankles, collar bones, ribs and a long road to recovery. She was wheelchair bound for many months after her accident, eventually graduating to a walker after an extensive stint in physical therapy.

Though physical therapy helped her recover some of her basic function, she still felt limited in her range of motion, and still needed the help of a walker to get around.

Then Karen found acac and Personal Trainer, John Shafer. Together, John and Karen have worked to improve her range of motion, balance, flexibility and strength — and today she is proud to walk without the help of a walker! John says Karen is “tougher than the most talented athletes I train (and I train a lot of athletes!).”

Congratulations on your recovery, Karen!