Timonium Alert

NEW acac Timonium club hours for 2020 can be found here. 

land classes for water lovers

While our Timonium aquatics facility is closed, we’ve added the following classes to our Group Exercise schedule — specifically with our H20-loving members in mind. (Bonus: Some of your favorite water instructors will be teaching and/or attending these classes!)

Check out the list below and give a few land workouts a try. We’d love to hear which formats you like the most!

IF YOU LIKE: Water In Motion (Monday @ 8am) – Julie
TRY: Simply Strength-  Studio D (Monday @ 7:30am) – Julie

IF YOU LIKE: HIIT H20 (Wednesdays @ 8am) – Pam
TRY: Simply Strength – Studio A (Wednesday @ 7:40am) – Pam

IF YOU LIKE: Aqua Yoga (Wednesdays @ 1pm) – Kim
TRY: Yoga Intro – Studio A (Wednesday @ 1:15pm) – Robin

IF YOU LIKE: Athletic Aqua Deep (Wednesday @ 6pm) – Anne
TRY: Simply Strength – Studio D (Thursday @ 6:45pm) – Jackie

IF YOU LIKE: Aqua Yogilates (Friday @ 2pm) – Maggie
TRY: Tai Chi – Studio A (Friday @ 2pm) – Maggie

IF YOU LIKE: Ai Chi (Sunday @ 1pm) – Maggie
TRY: Tai Chi – Studio A (Sunday @ 1pm) – Maggie

To discover other classes that fit your needs and interests, check out our full GroupEx schedule here