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Swim Lessons For a Safe & Fun Summer

Memorial Day often signals the start of summer as many outdoor swimming pools will open for the season. Unfortunately, it also means an increase in drownings. The number of swimming pool related, drowning deaths among preschool children is both staggering and heartbreaking. It is also a statistic that can be reduced with the proper precautions in place.

Research shows that if a child doesn’t learn to swim before the 3rd grade, they likely never will. Early swimming lessons are critical.

At acac, our team of swim instructors begin with safety first, then move on to stroke skills and fitness.

Swim lessons do much more than provide safety alone.

Swim lessons also:

  1. Boosts Development of the Whole Child – scientific studies have shown that having young children participate in year round swim lessons can accelerate their development physically, emotionally and intellectually.
  2. Improves motor Development – baby swimmers developed better balance, movement and grasping techniques than non-swimmers. One conclusion is that the infants motor development is boosted by the buoyancy of the water.
  3. Accelerates Cognitive Development – Children under 5 years old that are involved in swim lessons are more advanced in both their cognitive and physical development than the same age group of non-swimmers. Moving in the water has shown to strengthen children’s muscles quicker than playing on the floor because swimming involves more large muscle groups.
  4. Increases memory capacity – the amount of person’s movement and exercise has been shown to affect the forming storing and processing of memory.
  5. Expands cerebral communication – cross patterning movements like swimming have been shown to result in increased cognition and increased ease of learning.
  6. Strengthens social confidence – Group lessons starting at a young age offers kids the opportunity to share space, toys and explore movement together. Additionally, lessons starting at a very young age help the children better adapt to new situations which results in more self-confidence.
  7. Enhances neurological development – children experience a large amount of tactile stimulation from the water’s natural resistance over their entire body while swimming which encourages neurological development. Water has 600 times the resistance of air.
  8. Deepens the parent-infant bond – The emotional bond is deepened as the parent and child are face to face, skin to skin and touching in the water.

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