Timonium Alert


While the prep side is under renovation, Café will have limited Grab and Go menu items available for sale at the main front entrance. The actual Café will not be open until the prep renovations are completed.

Please note that some of the prep equipment will be temporarily moved to the main open area to facilitate the renovation.



Welcome to Cycle: Beginner Rides

New to cycling? Beginner Rides will introduce you to the bike and guide you through a standard cycle workout.

Welcome to Cycle: Beginner Rides

Tuesday, August 8     |  5:30 – 6:00pm   |  Welcome to Cycle
This 30-minute class will focus on introduction of the bike, introduction of the meter, proper set-up, mechanics of the bike, riding positions, etc. Leave class feeling comfortable and confident on the bike and ready for the next ride!
Tuesday, August 15   |  5:30 – 6:00pm   |  Simply Ride 30
This 30-minute class will get you in the saddle and “on the road.” Experience an express version of a standard cycle class.

Tuesday, August 22   |  5:30 – 6:15pm   |  Simply Ride 45
You are now ready to experience a full 45-minute ride! Strap on your shoes and put your training to the test!

GIVEAWAY: At the end of every Beginner Ride you participate in, take the time to fill out a raffle ticket. Enter for a chance to win an acac swag bag and 2 months free dues!


Questions? Email Jessica at jessicamac@acac.com for registration details.