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Aquatic Classes

We offer plenty of aqua classes throughout the week. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, low-intensity workout or something that really gets your heart pumping, you’re sure to find a class you love. For schedules, visit our group exercise page and sort by aquatics class type.

Arthritis H2O
These gentle exercises are designed to strengthen and tone muscles key to daily activities and to increase/maintain joint flexibility and range of motion. Classes are held in a 90 degree warm water pool.

Athletic Aqua
Water resistance can add a new dimension to your strength and power. Full of drills and thrills, add a splash to your workout.

Aqua Fit
A low impact, high-intensity cardiovascular, strength, core, and flexibility workout that is appropriate for all fitness levels. Instructors add their individual style and flair.

Aqua Fit Deep
Cardiovascular conditioning, combined with core and total body resistance training for a whole body workout with little to no impact on your joints. Flotation belts are used.

Aqua Yogilates
A mid-intensity cardio workout with Pilates exercises adapted for the water. Challenge balance & coordination while strengthening core muscles with alternating cardio and strength exercises.

Core H2O
Strengthen, tighten, and tone your core!

Feeling Fit w/ MS
An aquatics exercise flexible enough to provide core, strength, balance and gait training or an aerobic workout. Instructors are certified by the MS Society and work hands-on with participants as needed.

Interval exercises are done in the deep water, engaging the core and working the body for strength.

Interval based workout for cardio and strength with all the resistance of water but without all the impact of land.

Tabata H2O
Traditional land-based 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off segments with the power and protection of water, for a unique challenge.

The newest in aquatic exercise for those looking for a challenge. Cardio, strength, core and flexibility in one action-packed class, set to your favorite hits. 

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For weekly online schedules, visit our group exercise page and sort by aquatics class type.