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Please note we will operate on adjusted hours December 24-26, December 31, and January 1.

Aquatic Classes

We offer plenty of aqua classes throughout the week. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, low-intensity workout or something that really gets your heart pumping, you’re sure to find a class you love. For schedules, visit our group exercise page and sort by aquatics class type.

Aqua Flow
We combine the best of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates for a water workout that will include flexibility, balance, posture, and core work.

Athletic Aqua
Water resistance can add a new dimension to your strength and power. Full of drills and thrills, add splash to your workout.

Feeling Fit with MS
An aquatic exercise flexible enough to provide core, strength, balance and gait training or an aerobic workout. Instructors are certified by the MS Society and work hands-on with participants as needed.

H2O Cardio Deep
A head to toe water workout with little to no impact on your hips, knees and ankles. Get a high level cardiovascular workout in deep water. Buoyancy belts available for use.

H2O Cardio Pilates
A mid-intensity cardio workout with Pilates exercises adapted for the water. Challenge balance & coordination while strengthening core muscles with alternating cardio and strength exercises.

H2O Cardio Resistance
Heart pounding, never stop moving, calorie burning, shallow water workout with the resistance challenge of the slide’s current. A great cross-training opportunity for competing athletes and enthusiasts alike.

H2O Core & More
Strengthen, tighten, and tone your core!

H2O Workout
Exercises are done in both the shallow and deep water, engaging the core and working the body for strength.

Hydro Low
Flowing therapeutic exercise with mild aerobic content in the warm water pool. Stretch and improve balance.

Hydro Rock I.T.
High-intensity interval training will rock your body! You will work harder than you do on land due to the cooling effect of the water and the buoyancy that protects your joints. Great cross training for all fitness enthusiasts.

Move and Thrive! (AF)
Approved by the National Arthritis Foundation, these gentle exercises strengthen muscles key to daily activities. Increase/maintain join flexibility and range of motion.

With land equivalent intensity, fantastic sing-along quality music, and dynamic instructors, enjoy the pure fun of this 55 minute water extravaganza.

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For weekly online schedules, visit our group exercise page and sort by aquatics class type.