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The Waterpark will be closed Friday, May 18th due to weather. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fitness Floor renovations are underway! Please click here to view our modified court schedule during this time. 

The Activity Pool will be closed May 12-25 for cover removal. Please click here for more information about pool access and classes during the closure.

Please note our adjusted hours for Memorial Day on Monday, May 28th.

Weight Loss (Slimdown)

Ditch your diet…start a lifestyle!

Slimdown includes:

Slimdown success stories

“I decided to start losing weight for my son. But as I have been working on this, I have learned it is not for him. It is for me. I’m doing something for myself. The hardest thing I had to overcome is finding the time to get my workouts in. The thing to do is just leave the house and go. You just have to get out there and do it. I’m a proud of what I have done for myself over the past year and want to continue!” | Serome, lost 94 pounds

“When I joined the Slimdown community, I thought that losing eight pounds in eight weeks would be impossible. Now that I have lost nearly thirty pounds, I am feeling so much energy and virtually no knee and back pain. I realize that working with a supportive, encouraging group of people makes a real and lasting difference. My work with the coaches and all of the wonderful participants motivates me every week to get moving and have fun . . . I am so glad that I am part of this terrific program!” | Laurel, lost 30 pounds

I planned my weight loss for 6 months before I began Slimdown. I’d failed in the past, and I didn’t want to fail again. Reaching my monthly goals and working with a personal trainer provided me the positive reinforcement I needed to keep going. My husband and I love to travel and eat out, so it’s very important for me to be able to continue eating and traveling without sabotaging my efforts. I cut out the bread and butter before meals, eat less red meat, and control my portions of desserts. I never let myself get hungry, and I pack healthy snacks when traveling out of town.” | Betsy, lost 50 pounds