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Member Stories

It´s not easy to find programs for children, adults and seniors all at one place, but that’s what you get at acac and that’s what the Hutchinson family loves about acac. Not only can mom Suzie, come to work out, her two daughters, Victoria and Rebecca, can play in Kids Zone while their grandmother Hildegard enjoys an aquatic class.

At 85 years old, Ruth still heads off to the pool nearly every morning. Ironically, Ruth never swam a day in her life until middle age. When she took her own children to the local pool for their swimming lessons, she decided to learn as well. “From that point on I´ve been a swimmer,” says Ruth. At acac, Ruth can swim year around in the indoor pool or outdoors April through October in the heated pool. Ruth is convinced that swimming at acac has kept her healthy as she ages. “I love swimming. It keeps me young!”

Rob had looked at several area clubs for himself, but he wasn’t yet convinced to join. When their oldest child, 7-year old Brian, needed a place to spend the summer, Rob and Rachel came to visit acac. They signed Brian up for summer camp and soon saw that acac was a place that the entire family could enjoy. The Penczak family credits acac for helping them get up off the couch and enjoy family fitness. “We never thought about a fitness club for the whole family before, but acac offers something for all of us,” says Rachel. Rob and Rachel work out by using cardio equipment and strength training, as well as taking Pilates classes. “I can actually lift my kids now without it being a chore!” exclaims Rachel. “I want to be healthier for my kids, to set an example for them.” The Penczaks report that they are now a happier, healthier and stronger family.