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10 Multi-Tasking Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Between work, school, sports practice, doctor’s appointments, social activities, and more, it’s hard to fit in time to prep a week’s worth of nutritious meals. If you’re always on the go, then this list of multi-tasking foods, provided by our Registered Dietitian Margaret, is for you! Not only do they provide multiple nutritious benefits, but they can also be prepared multiple different ways. Add any of them to a smoothie for an extra healthy boost, or try adding them to your diet in one of the ways Margaret suggests.

Food/SpiceBenefitsWays to Prepare
CarrotsProvide antioxidants, beta carotene & vitamin A.

Eat with dips like hummus or add into stews/soups/salads.

GingerAnti-inflammatory, good for treating headaches and nausea, kills germs, and boosts metabolism.Add to hot tea, stir fry, or soups.
LemonsProvide Vitamin C, boost immunity, aid in digestion, provide antioxidants, and boost collagen formation for hair & skin.Add to your water/tea, salad dressings, soups/broths, freeze juice in ice cube trays to add to drinks, marinate over grilled chicken & kebabs, or zest on top of vegetables.
ApplesHigh in fiber and vitamin C, are anti-inflammatory, and promote heart health.Chop and add to salads, yogurt, or oatmeal. Bake apple slices topped with cinnamon to make apple chips.
GarlicAntiseptic and anti fungal, reduces inflammation, boosts immune system, and is rich in vitamins and minerals.Add finely minced garlic when sautéing greens and vegetables. Add into stews, guacamole, or salad dressing.
SpinachImproves digestion, lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular system, and is low in calories and high in iron for red blood cell production.Add to salads, stir-fry, omelets, wraps, soups, or pesto.
BeetsLower blood pressure, boost stamina, are high in fiber, fight inflammation, are good for detoxifying, and are good for brain health.Add to soups or salads, use in baked goods as a natural sweetener, or thinly slice and lightly drizzle with olive oil and bake to make chips
CucumberFlushes out toxins, hydrates, soothes muscles & joint pain, and supports digestion.Add to your water, salads, or sandwiches or on top of toast with cream cheese, stir fry, or jar and turn them into pickles.
CayenneReduces mucus, is an anti-cold and flu agent and anti-allergen, and helps with joint pain and weight loss.Add to your hot tea or stews/soups, sprinkle over baked vegetables and sweet potato fries, marinate over meats and seafood, or add to beans and rice.
TurmericPowerful antioxidant, stimulates the body’s own antioxidant enzymes, helps with wound healing, and supports cholesterol levels.

Add to hot teas, use as a rub or marinade, sprinkle over baked vegetables and eggs, or add to beans and rice.