West Chester Alert

Update 8/19: acacĀ phone lines are not currently working. All clubs are operating on their regular schedule. We are working to install replacement equipment to restore our service and hope to resume by Monday evening. Need to reach us? VisitĀ acac.com/contact. Thank you for your patience!

2018 Clean 4 Summer Nutrition Challenge

Enter the season of swimsuits, shorts, and sundresses with increased confidence and energy thanks to the Clean 4 Summer Nutrition Challenge!

This progressive four-week program challenges members to avoid junk food and eat more wholesome, nutritious foods during the month of May. Each week will feature 4 food groups to avoid. Our trusted nutritionist and Registered Dietitian, Margaret Moses, will supply recipes, tips, and encouragement via weekly emails and an interactive Facebook group.

The Clean 4 Summer Nutrition Challenge runs April 30 – May 27.

FREE to participate! Register online at acac.com through the member portal by April 26th.