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6 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Not too long ago, meditation was considered by many to be something that only devout yogis practiced. Nowadays, though, it’s likely that you know of at least one person who meditates regularly, either at home, at a local yoga studio, or maybe even on their train ride to work. 

When you consider its list of benefits, it’s easy to see why meditation is now practiced so widely. Regular meditation can lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, lower your heart and respiratory rates, reduce stress and anxiety, and lead to more feelings of overall well-being.

If you’re ready to give meditation a try, continue reading below for some beginner tips or check our group exercise schedule for an upcoming guided meditation class.

  1. Choose a quiet place that has few distractions and put your cell phone on mute. If you practice at home, it is helpful to have a dedicated space that you can leave set up as a visual reminder of meditation. 
  2. If you are able, sit up straight on the ground, using a pillow or cushion for support. Make sure you are comfortable!
  3. Start focusing on your breath. Be conscious of inhaling and exhaling slowly and focus on the amount of time between breaths.
  4. Keep your eyes closed to help quiet your mind. Relax the muscles in your face, and make sure you are not clenching your jaw. Relax your shoulders.
  5. You will naturally find your mind wandering – that’s ok! If this happens, simply bring your focus back to your breathing. If your worries come to mind, imagine them as clouds passing by.
  6. The length of time for meditation will vary depending on an individual’s schedule. Find a time of day that works for you, and stick to it so that it becomes a habit. Use a timer and start with 5 minutes, then slowly add a few more minutes each week until you reach 20 minutes.