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Update 8/19: acac phone lines are not currently working. All clubs are operating on their regular schedule. We are working to install replacement equipment to restore our service and hope to resume by Monday evening. Need to reach us? Visit acac.com/contact. Thank you for your patience!

The steam rooms are currently out of order and we are working to have them repaired as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

AromaYoga Reset

Saturday, March 10th
Yoga Studio

AromaYoga Reset with Charlie Watts is a Yin practice that will incorporate essential oils. Moving through the chakras, we align stationary postures with essential oils. Carefully placed, the essential oils will be applied with the intention of balancing the chakras starting from root to the crown. Perfect for beginners, seasoned practitioners, and those just looking for overall balance. This class is designed to cleanse your palette and inform you about the 7 chakras and what part they play in your life. 

Members $35 | Non-Members $35

Register in advance online.

For more information, contact Brian at briance@acac.com.