West Chester Alert

While working to repair the steam rooms, our technicians discovered additional damage and determined that a new steam boiler is needed. The part will take about 3 weeks to be built and installed. During this time, the steam rooms will be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work on the repairs.  

Barre Studio Updates

Beginning Monday, July 17th the Barre Studio will undergo a few updates.

– Scones installed
– Dimmers installed
– Painting 
– Additional Mirror installed
– Additional Barre installed
– Updated storage area

In order for us to complete these tasks, our weekly classes will be relocated to the following locations for the week of July 17th – July 23rd. Thank you for your patience during this minor upgrade!
Monday, July 17th
8:00am – Pilates – Studio B
9:20am – BODYFLOW – Conference Room
12:00pm – Tai Chi / Qi Gong – Studio B 
1:05pm – Chair Yoga – Studio B
2:00pm – Cancer Well-Fit Yoga – Studio B
6:00pm – Barre Strength – Conference Room
Tuesday, July 18th
9:15am – Barre Strength – Conference Room
10:30am – Hatha II – Conference Room
12:00pm – Yoga for Everybody – Studio B
1:00pm – Qi Gong Balance – Studio B
5:30pm – BODYFLOW – Conference Room
6:30pm – Pilates – Conference Room
7:30pm – Belly Dance – Studio B
Wednesday, July 19th
9:00am – Pilates – Conference Room
12:00pm – Tai Chi / Qigong – Conference Room
1:00pm – Barre Strength – Studio B
2:00pm – Cancer Well-Fit Yoga – Studio B
5:30pm – Pilates – Conference Room
Thursday, July 20th
8:00am – Hatha II – Studio B
10:30am – Barre Strength – Studio B
1:05pm – Chair Yoga – Studio B
6:30pm – Barre Strength – Conference Room
Friday, July 21st
9:30am – Pilates Barre – Conference Room
10:30am – BODYFLOW – Conference Room
12:00pm – MS Yoga / Tai Chi – Studio B
1:00pm – Pilates Barre – Studio B
Saturday, July 22nd
8:30am – Barre Strength – Conference Room
9:30am – Pilates – Conference Room
10:45am – Hatha I – Conference Room
12:00pm – Hatha II – Studio A
Sunday, July 23rd
8:30am – Yoga Essentials – Studio B
10:00am – BODYFLOW – Conference Room
11:00am – Hatha I – Conference Room