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Discover Your Power Animal

Sunday, March 11
Yoga Studio

It is said in Native American teachings that each animal has a spirit and carries Power, which is the Breath of the Great Spirit. Connecting to animals in a spiritual way is a shamanic practice found around the world through centuries. Join Eagle Skyfire, a Native American shaman and tradition keeper, as she teaches you about Power Animals, how to connect with them, and begin interpreting what they may be trying to tell you. She will guide you on a brief journey to discover the Power Animal that is trying to guide you.

Members $20 | Non-Members $25

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About Eagle Skyfire: Eagle Skyfire has over 30 year’s experience as a traditional seer, spiritual teacher, and ceremonial leader. She offers traditional Native American readings, monthly meditations, classes, workshops, practicums, shamanic healing, soul work and many other programs.