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Fall Food Face Off

by Margaret Moses, MBA, LDN, RD

While all of these fall treats are delicious, some have more nutritional value than others. Below, your best picks for leaf-peeping season. For more nutrition tips from Margaret, visit her website or contact margaretmo@acac.com.

Candied Sweet Potatoes vs. Sweet Potato Pie
Better: candied sweet potatoes
A helping has more of the veggies than a slice of pie — and more vitamins, minerals and fiber. (But count it as a sweet, not a side!)

Cranberry Muffins vs. Cranberry Scones
Better: cranberry muffins
While often higher in sugar, muffins still have less saturated fat and total calories than buttery scones.

Pumpkin Spice Latte vs. Pumpkin Flavored Coffee
Better: pumpkin coffee
When the flavor is added to the beans, there’s no sugar or creamy calories. Be sure to check labels for “0 g sugar” and skip flavored syrups.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream vs. Salted Caramel Gelato
Better: gelato
The Italian version has a dense, satisfying texture, but because it’s made with more milk┬áthan cream, it contains less fat.

Hot Apple Cider vs. Apple Cider Donut
Better: cider donut
A mug of cider can have up to 60g of sugar (more than a can of cola!), but it isn’t as satisfying as a donut, which has about 20g.