Fitness Floor Renovations

Our Fitness Floor is getting a makeover! We will be working on updating flooring, painting, and adding expanded open space to our current fitness floor. The project will take about 6 weeks to complete and will require some careful maneuvering of equipment during that time. We are truly looking forward to a fresh and clean look for our fitness area.

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Friday, June 1 Update:

The cardio area and Studio B are now reopen. Please note the track may continue with closures or restrictions while we finalize a few areas of carpet installation and painting. The full basketball court will also reopen on Saturday.
Monday, June 4th begins the final phase! Monday through Thursday morning, the stretching area will be closed. We will do our best to relocate our tables to another area of the club. 

The PREP area will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Our team will be available in our strength area to assist members during PREP hours.
Additionally, Monday begins the final renovations of our EDGE Cycle Studio! We will be installing new lighting, shoe cubbies, and adding other finishing touches to enhance the cycle experience here at acac. During this time, all classes will be moved to the conference room on the lower level. No changes to schedule will be made.
Thank you for your patience while we work to improve your club!

Temporary Kids Arena and Gym Schedule
through June 1st
*Subject to change

MondayCourt AArena
Open Gym5am-9am5am-9am
Group Exercise9:30am-10:30am 
Open Gym2pm-10pm5pm-8pm


TuesdayCourt AArena
Open Gym5am-8:45am5am-8:30am
Group Exercise9am-10:30am 
Open Gym2pm-10pm5pm-8pm


WednesdayCourt AArena
Open Gym5am-9:30am5am-9am
Group Exercise9:30-10:30am 
Open Gym 5pm-8pm


ThursdayCourt AArena
Open Gym5am-8:45am5am-9am
Group Exercise8:45am-10:30am 
Open Gym2pm-10pm5pm-8pm


FridayCourt AArena
Open Gym5am-9:15am5am-9am
Group Exercise9:30am-10:30am 
Open Gym2pm-10pm 


SaturdayCourt AArena
Open Gym7am-7pm7am-1pm


SundayCourt AArena
Open Gym8am-7pm8am-1pm

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your club!