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Halloween Candy - Which is Better?

Halloween is just around the corner! Here’s a comparison of 6 popular candies from Registered Dietitian Margaret Moses:

York Peppermint Patties vs. Almond  Joy
Image result for york peppermint pattiesImage result for almond joy

The winner: Peppermint Patties. Both are under 200 calories per two-piece “snack size” serving, but the dark chocolate with mint filling feels indulgent without much saturated fat, while the coconut-based filling the Almond Joy has up to 6 g.

Whoppers vs. Pretzel M& M’s
Image result for whoppers     Image result for pretzel m&ms
The winner: M & M’s. Both are crunchy and light, but pretzel M & M’s are only 150 calories for three fun size bags! Eighteen malted milk balls are just shy of 200 calories with 7 g saturated fat.

Snickers vs. 3 Musketeers
Image result for snickers    Image result for 3 musketeers

The winner: Snickers. They are satisfying thanks to 3 g protein from peanuts in 4 minis.  You can have seven 3 Musketeers minis for the same number of calories, but they’re  higher in sugar and saturated fat.

Tricks for getting rid of treats after Halloween: