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Health Coaching - Is It for You?

By Margaret Moses, RDN

Most people, when faced with the need to make lifestyle changes (lower blood pressure, eat healthier, etc.), think of all of the reasons why it will be too hard to change.

Here’s where a health coach can help. By partnering with you, a coach can give you the tools to make successful, sustainable lifestyle changes.

A coach:

Coaching can help you improve in all areas of wellness:  healthy eating, exercise, stress management, and overall health. Coaching has been likened to therapy, but with a mind-body twist.

The concept of health coaching isn’t new.  Health-oriented destination spas  like Canyon Ranch and Mirival in Arizona, have long offered this kind of service to their guests.  What is new, is the idea that most people could benefit from it, and the fact that it’s more widely available right where you live.

Some doctors around the country are even starting to add coaches to their practice.  Coaches help patients stay motivated to make changes and help them stay accountable.

What can  you expect during your first visit to a coach?  Be ready to discuss chronic conditions, any medications or supplements you take, your eating habits, your current ailments and challenges, and your sleep and exercise patterns.  If you have a specific goal in mind, great.  If not, that’s OK.  Simply wanting to get healthier is enough.  The coach’s job is to help you clarify your goals.  

Making changes can be challenging, but having a Health Coach on your side can give you the tools and support to be successful.