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Please note our adjusted hours for Thursday, July 4th. 

July Exercise of the Month

Shannon Johnson is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Her training specialties include total body strength and development, weight loss, free weights & circuit training, and general populations.

Wednesday, July 19 | 11:00am | Training Area
Join Shannon for a FREE group training session and learn how to properly perform each movement. Contact Shannon at shannonjo@acac.com to sign up or learn more.

Warm Up:

– 1 lap around the track
– 10 walking lunges
– 10 push ups
– 10 crunches
– 1 lap around the track

2 Rounds: 8 Minute AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Go through this circuit as many times as you can in 8 minutes. After resting for 8 minutes after, go for another 8 minutes.

18 Plank Arm Raises:

Get into a plank position, keeping shoulders over elbows, and body straight. One at a time, extend an arm out straight in front of you, trying not to twist your body. Alternate arms. To regress this exercise: do 9 plank arm raises and/or keep knees on the ground.

6 (each side) Overhead Dumbbell Squats:

Having a dumbbell in one hand, press it overhead, trying to keep elbow close to ear. Slowly descend into a squat and reach empty hand towards foot on opposite side, as to twist your body slightly. Keep your weight in your heels, push your knees out, and try not to let yourself lean forward. Do not alternate arms in between each squat. To regress this exercise: do 4 overhead on each side, or just perform goblet squats.

12 Ball Slams:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and non-bounce medicine ball held overhead. Throw the ball down to the ground in front of your feet with as much force as possible. Exhale during the movement and contract the abs. Pick ball up from squat position and repeat this movement 10 times. To progress this exercise: use 20 pound medicine ball. To regress this exercise: use 10 pound medicine ball and/or perform 6 ball slams.

10 Front Ball Raises:

Using same ball that the ball slams were performed with, start by holding ball by waist. Keeping arms straight, slowly raise ball out in front of you, until it is overhead. Slowly bring ball back down to starting point by waist. To regress this exercise: perform 6 front raises with ball, or decrease weight by using a lighter dumbbell.

16 Toe Touch Crunches:

Start by laying flat on back, and putting feet in the air with straight legs. Keeping knees locked, hold weight out in front of you with straight arms. Contracting abdominal muscles, reach towards your feet with the weight in your hands, then slowly descend until lying flat on your back again. Keep legs and arms extended in front you the whole time. To progress this exercise: crunch up with a heavier weight in hands. To regress this exercise: choose a light dumbbell to hold OR crunch up with a lighter weight in hands.