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June Exercise of the Month

Shannon Johnson is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Her training specialties include total body strength and development, weight loss, free weights & circuit training, and general populations.

Enjoy 50% off personal training with Shannon this June! Stop by the Fitness Desk or contact shannonjo@acac.com to book a session and learn more. Offer valid through June 30, 2017. First time participants only. Up to 12 sessions.

Thursday, June 15 | 11:00am | Training Area
Join Shannon for a FREE group training session and learn how to properly perform each movement. Contact Shannon at shannonjo@acac.com to sign up or learn more.

Warm Up:

– 1 lap around the track
– 10 walking lunges
– 10 push ups
– 10 crunches
– 1 lap around the track

4 Rounds:

10 Goblet Squats
Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell by one end close to your chest. This will be your starting position. Slowly drop into a squat by starting with your hips back, and not by bending your knees. Keep your back straight with your neutral spine, and your chest and shoulders up. To regress this exercise: do not use weight and perform an air squat; or sit down on a bench or stretching table and practice getting up and standing up. To progress this exercise: squat down until your hips are even with your knees or slightly lower, or increase weight.


10 Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
Start with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other. Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward, by bending at the waist, while keeping the back straight until it is almost parallel to the floor. Pull dumbbells to sides at the upper waist. Make sure to not let elbows stick too far out. Return until arms are extended and shoulders are stretched downwards. To regress this exercise: decrease weight or perform rows on the TRX without weight. To progress this exercise: increase weight.


8 Single Leg Overhead Presses
Start by holding a dumbbell in your left hand and lift left foot off the ground so that you are balancing only on the right foot. Bring dumbbell to shoulder and press overhead, making sure that shoulder, elbow, and dumbbell are all in line. Bring dumbbell back down to shoulder and repeat this motion, all while keeping left foot off the ground. To regress this exercise: decrease weight or keep both feet on the ground. To progress this exercise: increase weight and / or stand on a green or blue balance pod.


8 Side Wall Ball Tosses
Standing a few feet away from the wall, have your side facing the wall. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, hold a medicine ball out to your side furthest away from the wall and bring across your body to toss into the wall next to you. Catch the ball after it bounces off the wall and quickly bring ball back out to starting position. Tighten your core as you toss the ball and rotate back out to starting position. To regress this exercise: decrease weight of medicine ball, or perform a seated Russian twist with medicine ball on a stretching table. To progress this exercise: increase weight of medicine ball.


20 Mountain Climbers
Get into an upright plank position. Pull one knee up and in toward your mid-section. Slide one foot and begin bending the knee as you pull it up between the front of your body and the floor. Extend leg back out to starting plank position, and repeat this movement with the other leg. Each tuck of the knee is one repetition. To regress this exercise: put forearms down on a stretching table and try tucking knees towards mid-section. To progress this exercise: increase repetitions performed.