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acac West Chester is open for business!

The heater for the Warm Water Pool is currently out of order. The pool is open, but is slightly cooler than normal. We are working to repair it as quickly as possible.

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June Exercise of the Month

Follow along with Michelle Marshall, NASM Certified Personal Trainer,  for a series of monthly exercises. Contact michellema@acac.com if you have any questions regarding workout modifications to meet your needs.

June Exercise of the Month

Warm Up:
Walk 30 seconds, jog 30 seconds. Continue repeatedly for 10 minutes.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 20 minutes:

5 push-ups
Getting into a high plank, slowly lower yourself down to the ground by bending your elbows, keeping your entire body straight the whole time. Push yourself back to the starting position, keeping your elbows slightly tucked into your body.

To regress this exercise: drop to your knees, still keeping the body straight.
To progress this exercise: try raising your feet up on a step or bench.

Push Up 1_web Push Up 2_web

10 tricep dips

Placing your hands next to your hips on a bench or step, set your feet out in front of you. Slowly lower yourself down by bending your elbows, pointing them behind you. Keeping your hips close to the step, push yourself back up to the start position.

To regress this exercise: bring your feet in closer to your body by bending your knees.
To progress this exercise: try adding weight in your lap.

 Tricep Dip 1_web Tricep Dip 2_web

15 plank jacks
Get into a low plank (on your elbows), stacking your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Once stable, jump both your feet out, keeping your hips from moving by engaging your abs and core muscles as to not sacrifice form or injure the low back.

To regress this exercise: take out the hop and alternate stepping your feet out and back in.
To progress this exercise: raise your feet up on a step or bench.

 Plank Jack 1_web Plank Jack 2_web

20 squats
Standing a little wider than hip-width distance apart, squat down with your weight in your heels shooting your hips back as if you were about to sit down in a chair behind you. Keep your chest lifted, and your whole body engaged as you push yourself back to your starting position.

To regress this exercise: don’t use any weight.
To progress this exercise: use a heavier weight.

Squat 1_web Squat 2_web

Cool Down:
Stretch for 5 – 10 minutes.

You can also download and print the Exercise of the Month handout here.