West Chester Alert

The club will close at 5:30pm on Sunday, January 27th for a team meeting. 

Please note: We will have extended Warm Water Pool Family Time on Monday, January 21 from 12:00-1:45pm and 4pm-7pm.

Lifeguard Training | Winter-Spring 2019

Learn to respond to aquatic emergencies with our comprehensive lifeguard training and/or recertification course. Upon completion participants receive a two-year certification in Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR for the Professional, & AED.

All classes use a blended learning program requiring about seven hours online at home to watch videos and complete tests, in addition to 20 hours of aquatic training. A $65 fee will be charged to those who do not pass, drop, or transfer to another class. Minimum of three participants per class.

Phase 1: Swim Test
Please show up prepared to swim. Must be 15 years old, able to swim 300 yards without stopping, dive 10’ to retrieve a 10lb. brick, kick on your back with the brick for 20 yard, and tread water for two minutes using only your legs.

Phase 2: Online Study
After you pass the swim test, you will receive a link to register for the online study portion through the American Red Cross. You will need to pay a $35 course fee. Activate your training
online and complete the 7.25 hours of online study on your own time before the Phase 3 date.

Phase 3: Pool Skills
Must show up with online study completed. Be prepared to learn, practice, and demonstrate all lifeguard skills.

Certification Session Dates

Winter 1: January 30-February 24
Phase 1: January 30th | 8-8:45pm
Phase 2: Online
Phase 3:
February 10th | 12-4:30pm
February 17th | 12:30 – 6:30pm
February 24th | 1:30-7pm

Winter 2: February 13-March 3
Phase 1: February 13th | 8-8:45pm
Phase 2: Online
Phase 3:
March 1st | 4-9pm
March 2nd | 1:30-7pm
March 3rd | 1:30-7pm

Spring: March 27-April 14
Phase 1: March 27th | 8-8:45pm
Phase 2: Online
Phase 3:
April 12th | 4-9pm
April 13th | 1:30-7pm
April 14th | 1:30-7pm

Members: $300
Non-Members: $350

Want to work at acac? You could have your course paid for! Ask us about our incentive program.

Contact Larry at larryj@acac.com to learn more.