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Mind Body FAQs

We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions in anticipation of our Mind Body Suite grand opening on Tuesday, November 1st! Still have questions? Contact Mind Body Director Brian Centonze.

Do I need to pay extra to attend Mind Body classes in the new suite?
If you are a member of acac, all regularly scheduled classes are included in your membership as well as many of the Mind Body special events. Some of the Mind Body workshops carry an additional fee and require advanced sign up. These are posted to our newsletter, Facebook page, and flyers around the club when available.

Do I need to be a member to take a class?
No! Non-members may visit the class via a guest pass, on First Fridays, or by purchasing a day pass with a club member.

What paperwork do I need to complete before taking a class for the first time?
Please arrive five minutes before your first class to fill out pre-exercise paperwork.

I am a beginner. What classes should I take?
If you are physically active and have no issues getting up and down from the floor, try Hatha I or Yoga Essentials. Otherwise, try Yoga for Every Body, Chair Yoga, or Restorative Yoga.

Do you offer more challenging yoga classes?
If you are looking for a more challenging yoga class that involves inversions and arm balances beyond crow pose, try one of our Vinyasa II or Power Yoga classes.

My favorite class is missing on the new schedule… why? What class is comparable?
Class names have been changed to be inclusive of the many varied styles of yoga practiced. For example: if you’re looking for our Gentle Yoga class, try Hatha I. Stationary Yoga? Try Hatha II. If you have questions about class comparisons, contact Mind Body Director Brian Centonze.

What temperature are Mind Body classes?
The majority of our Mind Body classes are practiced in a warm environment with temperatures ranging from 70 – 85 degrees. Power Yoga is the exception; this class is practiced at 95 degrees.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
No! We have mats available to use at no extra charge.

How many Mind Body classes are offered throughout the week?
We offer 76 Mind Body classes each week!