West Chester Alert

While working to repair the steam rooms, our technicians discovered additional damage and determined that a new steam boiler is needed. The part will take about 3 weeks to be built and installed. During this time, the steam rooms will be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work on the repairs.  

Pumpkin Apple Green Smoothie


1 cup Pumpkin (cooked, canned, or raw)

1 Apple, cored

1 Banana, peeled

Dash of cinnamon

2 cups or handfulls fresh baby spinach

9 ounces of fresh water, coconut water, or pumpkin seed milk



Add liquid to blender.  Add soft fruit and remaining ingredients, adding leafy greens last.  Blend on high for 30 – 45 seconds or until smooth.

Per Serving:  Calories 262, Fat 1g, Protein 5g, Carbs 66Gm, Calcium 9%, Iron 3.5 mg, Vitamin A 601%, Vitamin C 52%