West Chester Alert

Please note our adjusted hours for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th.

Memorial Day Weekend Poolside Cafe Hours:
Saturday & Sunday | 12-4pm
Monday | 11am-6:30pm

The hot tub is currently closed as we work to repair the heater. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Quick Tips for a Waste-Free Lunchbox

Save close to $250 per child over the school year with these quick tips from Margaret Moses, RD!

  1. Use reusable containers and snack bags like Klip-It Lunch Cubes and dishwasher-safe LunchSkins.
  2. Buy yogurt, applesauce, nuts, chips, carrots, etc. in bulk instead of single serve packs.
  3. Choose PeopleTowels or make your own cute mini napkins from old t-shirts or sheets in place of paper towels or napkins.
  4. Most plastic baggies are NOT recyclable; consider wrapping sandwiches in aluminum foil, which is easily recyclable.
  5. Try non-glass reusable bottles for water and juice to avoid throw-away water bottles, juice boxes, and pouches.

Hungry for more nutrition tips? Contact acac nutritionist Margaret Moses or visit our website to learn more.

Don’t miss our back to school nutrition special! The new school year is a great time to get back on track with healthy lifestyle habits for you and your family. Join acac nutritionist and registered dietitian Margaret Moses for a back to school nutrition special that includes:

– recipes for family meals
– school lunch and healthy snack ideas
– complimentary family nutrition sessions (September 4 – September 18)

Contact Margaret to sign up or to learn more.