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Reiki Certification

with Reiki Master Maggie Christy

Reiki Level I: Sunday, November 5 | 2-5pm | $130 per person
Reiki Level II: Sunday, December 3 | 2-5pm | $130 per person
Reiki Level II: Sunday, January 7 | 2-5pm | $130 per person

Earn your Reiki Certification at acac West Chester! Start at Level 1 and progress all the way to Level 3, or if you already have Level 1 or 2 certification you are welcome to complete the next level. You will learn a basic knowledge about Reiki history and the Usui Reiki Method of this hands-on healing art. You will be initiated into Reiki by means of an attunement, and you will be able to practice and channel Reikie energy. You will, from that time on, have Reiki energy flowing through you for self-healing and assisting others in their healing journey.

Reiki I Workshop will cover: meditation/centering, history, positions, practice/exercises, attunements, practical applications, and discussion.
Reiki II Workshop will cover: meditation, review of Reiki I, use of symbols, practice of symbols/exercises, attunements, practical applications of long distance practice, healing the past, and framing the future, and discussion.
Reiki III Workshop will cover: meditation, review of Reiki I & II, symbols, attunements, practical applications, best practices, and discussion.

Each class will take place in the Barre Studio. Minimum 4 participants; max 12.
Open to members and non-members! Sign up in advance at Member Services or call 610.431.7000.

Contact Mind Body Director Brian Centonze at briance@acac.com to learn more.