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The basketball court will close at 4:30pm on Saturday, February 29th for set up for Diana’s Dance Party. Join us at 7pm for a special dance class and party! Guests are welcome. Thanks for your understanding!

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

with Kristen Smith and Johnny Sciortino

Sunday, April 28th
Yoga Studio

Find rest, relaxation, and release in this all levels practice! Restorative postures will calm the nervous system and bring balance back to the body, mind, and soul while you are bathed in sound with Himalayan singing bowls on and around your body.

Restorative yoga has been referred to as an “adult nap” where the body is completely supported with props (bolsters, blankets, blocks) to completely relax the body and to move towards balance. Postures are held for approximately 15 minutes to ensure a deep state of relaxation throughout the body. You will find a deep state of physiological relaxation in which one can soften muscular tension, nourish the organs, balance the hormones, and stimulate prana.

Singing bowls are used to induce deep states of meditation, relaxation, and profound levels of healing. You will be sure to leave feeling completely at ease. This powerful experience will include a short lecture and handouts about sound healing, its role inner lives, and time for Q&A.

Space is limited to 25 people. Please register online.
Members $20 | Non-Members $25