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The basketball court will close at 4:30pm on Saturday, February 29th for set up for Diana’s Dance Party. Join us at 7pm for a special dance class and party! Guests are welcome. Thanks for your understanding!

Svadisthana (2nd) Chakra Workshop

Saturday, May 11th
Yoga Studio
Members $20 | Non-Members $25

The chakra system describes the architecture of the soul through seven subtle energy centers shining out from our core. The elegant arrangement and meaning of these centers provide a map for the journey to divine realization and an evolutionary map for our civilization’s next awakening.

This workshop is a follow up to the Muladhara(1st) chakra workshop held in February 2019. We will cover an overview of the chakra system and then focus on the second chakra through a sitting pranayama (breath) practice and an asana practice specific to the sacral(2nd) chakra.

Instructed by Jim O’Neill, DC, HTPA, CYT. Jim teaches yoga in a maximum security prison setting and is passionate about helping others take their practice to a deeper level through chakra yoga.

Space is limited to 24 people. Members, please register in advance through the member portal. Non-members please call to register.