The Edge Experience

Sunday, November 25 @ 11am
Tuesday, December 4 @ 6pm*
Tuesday, December 11 @ 9:30am*
Friday, December 21 @ 8:30am*
Saturday, January 12 @ 10am*
*Will replace the normally scheduled class on this day

Join us for the EDGE Experience Ride: a team-taught cycle class where you will enjoy a taste of the ride formats we now offer! Our team will be there to get you fitted on a bike and then guide you through a 50-minute ride combining Studio, Power and Rhythm all into one awesome hour.

Sign up in advance through the member portal and you’ll be entered to win a door prize! We’ll be giving away acac swag, free personal training, MyZone belts, and more. Non-members also welcome; please call to register. 

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