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Which Yoga Class Should I Take?

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or have yet to set foot in class, there is something for everyone. Take this quiz to find out which yoga class is best for your personality and physical ability!

1. What is your level of experience with yoga practice?

A. I wear yoga pants but have never been to a yoga class.
B. I’ve been to a few intro classes.
C. I take yoga multiple times a week.
D. I am always looking for a more challenging class.

2. How often do you exercise?

A. I don’t.
B. I stick to the treadmill and elliptical.
C. I work out often and balance cardio with weight training.
D. I am constantly pushing myself and adding to my exercise routine.

3. Are you interested in the spiritual aspect of yoga?

A. I’m more interested in learning basic poses.
B. I’m pretty open-minded.
C. I love to meditate and think of yoga as an important spiritual time.
D. My interest in yoga is predominately physical.

4. Do you want to hold poses or flow?

A. I want to take it slow and learn how to hold poses.
B. I like a mixture of poses and flow.
C. I want to keep moving!
D. Either is fine, as long as I’m sweating.

5. Do you see yoga as a once-per-week practice, or is it your lifestyle?

A. One class per week is good enough for me.
B. I am interested in learning more about yoga.
C. My yoga practice directly influences my life.
D. Yoga is integral to my workout routine but nothing beyond that.

6. How adventurous is your practice?

A. Not very; I’m just looking for a way to de-stress and enjoy peace and quiet.
B. I like some variety in my practice.
C. I’m always up for something new.
D. Count me in!

7. What is your favorite pose?

A. Child’s Pose
B. Tree Pose
C. Warrior Pose
D. Headstand Pose

8. How do you want to feel after your practice?

A. At peace.
B. Energized.
C. Proud.
D. Sweaty and sore.

9. What do you hope to gain from yoga?

A. Stress relief.
B. Flexibility.
C. Balance between my life and my practice.
D. Strength and muscular definition.

10. What does yoga mean to you?

A. One hour of “me time” each week.
B. Integration of mind, body, and spirit.
C. A philosophy to live by.
D. A way to add variety to my workout.

If you answered mostly A’s… you are a beginner yogi. You are mostly interested in finding a way to relax and find tranquility without all of the bells and whistles. Classes you should try:

*these classes are extra gentle and accommodating to those with limited range of movement

If you answered mostly B’s… you are an eager yogi. You’ve taken a few classes and are interested in learning more about the physical and spiritual aspects of practice. Classes you should try:

If you answered mostly C’s… you are a diligent yogi. You have more yoga experience than the average person and desire to integrate your practice with your lifestyle. Classes you should try:

If you answered mostly D’s… you are an athletic yogi. You love the challenge of yoga and want to work up a sweat each class. Classes you should try:

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