West Chester Alert

Fitness Floor renovations are underway! Please click here to view our modified court schedule during this time. 

The Activity Pool will be closed May 12-25 for cover removal. Please click here for more information about pool access and classes during the closure.

Please note our adjusted hours for Memorial Day on Monday, May 28th.


acac West Chester Policies & Procedures

Please review acac policies and procedures:

Family Members Please Note: Parents must remain on property with all children under the age of 14 at all times.

Guest Policy

Local Guest:

Out of Area Guest:

Kids Zone

Our Kids Zone team is dedicated to creating a safe, fun and interactive experience for your child. acac’s Kids Zone features games, videos, an indoor play structure, a separate infant room and the Kids Zone Enrichment Program.

Mission | To keep children safe physically and emotionally, while encouraging them to engage in fun, age-appropriate activities in a clean, healthy, kid-friendly environment.

The Kids Zone at acac provides high-quality childcare for members. Adult caregivers nurture your children in a safe, clean, fun area designed just for kids. Kids play on the soft indoor playground, make arts and crafts, participate in educational programs, and have loads of fun!



During the hours of 9:30am-11:30am Monday through Friday, children aged 3 and older participate in our wonderful enrichment program. Please keep in the mind the following when participating in our enrichment program:


To maintain a healthy environment for all children, we ask that you consider this policy when deciding to come in with a child whose health is questionable. Keep in mind that if your child is too sick to attend school, then he or she is too sick to attend Kids Zone. We will summon parents of children who show any signs of illness while in our care. Children with the following conditions or symptoms will not be admitted into the Kids Zone: Yellow or green nose discharge, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Influenza, Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Coxsackie’s Virus and other contagious viruses. A doctor’s note is required for children to return to acac following a contagious condition.


acac expects children to respect others and their space, harmoniously participate in games, cooperate with acac employees, and be enthusiastic. Unacceptable behaviors include, profanity, disrespecting others and their space, failure to comply with a staff member’s directions, excessive horseplay and inappropriate or violent physical contact. acac does enforce a zero tolerance policy for biting and violent nature of any kind. The use of appropriate aged “time-outs” may be necessary and if needed a Kids Zone Team member may contact you during your workout.

Biting Policy | In order to ensure the safety of all children, acac has a policy in place to manage situations when a child bites.


Exercise Pool

As a courtesy to those around you please observe the following:

Activity Pool

Therapy Pool


Lap Lane

acac does not guarantee a private lane for swimmers. To accommodate all swimmers, please follow these instructions:


Thunder & Lightning Policy

Slide Rules & Regulations

BLUE SLIDE | Swimmers must wait at Stop sign until prior swimmer clears the deposit area.

RED SLIDE | Swimmers must wait at the bottom of stairs until prior swimmer clears the deposit area.


Age requirements

The spa has an adult oriented atmosphere. We are not able to accept children under the age of 13. A parent or guardian must be present or give signed consent for any body treatments given to client under the age of 18.

Cancellation policy

A credit card is required for non-member clients for all appointments 30 minutes or longer. Should a cancellation be necessary, 24 hour notice is required. A 100% charge will be assessed without proper notification to non-member’s credit card or to Member’s account.

Personal belongings

The spa is not responsible for personal belongings and we cannot be responsible for chemical damage done to clothing or belongings. Please remove personal clothing and change into salon robes.

Running late

We pride ourselves on servicing all of our clients in a timely and professional manner. Your promptness is greatly appreciated and required to properly serve you. In the event that you are running late for an appointment, we will do everything possible to satisfy you, keeping our other patrons in mind. We realize that your time is valuable. If we are running more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will receive 15% off of your service that day.

Cell phones

For the courtesy of other clients, we ask that all clients refrain from using their cell phones while in the day spa. Phones may be used in the main club area.


Our prices do not reflect gratuities. For your convenience, gratuity envelopes are provided at the Spa Services desk. All prices are subject to change without notice.


All refunds will be given in the form of Spa Credit.

Medical conditions

A doctor’s note is required for anyone with a severe medical condition receiving a service.

General information

Spa hours | Monday – Thursday 9am-8pm | Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm | Sunday 10am-3pm.

Check-in | We suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to your first visit to the spa to fill out required health history information.

Gift Cards | Gift Cards are available in any denomination. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned. Lost or stolen Gift Cards cannot be replaced by the spa.

Child Care | Child care is available in our Kids Zone.

acac Firearms Policy

Law enforcement officers are permitted to carry firearms on acac property and the firearm must be on their person at all times. Open carry is restricted to on-duty law enforcement officers. acac members and guests who are not law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying firearms on acac property. Failure to comply with any or all of the above criteria may be used as grounds for termination of membership.