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Massage Therapy

Traditional Swedish Massage

A full-body massage, designed to increase circulation, relieve muscular tension, and promote relaxation. The therapist will tailor the service to meet the needs of each individual client.

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Therapeutic Massage

A massage intended to affect specific areas of the body, whereas a Swedish massage generally covers the entire body for relaxation. The therapist will implement techniques to help loosen tense areas and break up knots, using a medium to firm pressure throughout the entire service.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Like a traditional Swedish Massage, however the pressure is deeper and the therapists will focus on specific stress points to relieve muscular aches and pains.

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Pregnancy Massage

During a pregnancy massage, the therapist focuses the experience for the participant on relaxation and pampering. In addition, the extra burden on the spine, ligaments and pelvis can be relieved through this type of massage.

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Sports Massage

Designed for pre- or post activity, this massage focuses on muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity or problem area. Heat, cold therapy or stretches may be incorporated.

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Full Body CBD Massage

Designed for a head-to-toe CBD experience, LEEF revival CBD body oil provides a deeper level of relaxation.

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Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate in pampered relaxation. Heated basalt stones and essential oils melt away tension.

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Eastern technique that employs direct pressure on the relevant areas of the foot, to address problems associated with other parts of the body.

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Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing. Enhances the body’s immune system. A natural form of hands-on energy transfer, transmitted by a soothing touch.

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Sinus and Allergy Relief Massage

Sinus massage combines pressure and warmth to stimulate sinus points and promote drainage.

Relax with a hot stone application after any massage for an additional $20. Ask a spa professional for details.

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Specialty massage services

Specialty massage services include trigger point, myofascial release, Hawaiian, Thai, shiatsu, and cranio-sacral

Member $90 | Non-member $100

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CBD Massage Add-On

LEEF revive CBD balm targets sore muscles and joints, providing deep relief to areas that need it most.

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Spa packages

Save when you purchase a 5 pack of selected services.

Spa packages can only be used for the specified service purchased. They cannot be separated, combined or used for other services. (for example, a 5-pack of 60 minute massages may only be used for 60 minute massages). Packages are already discounted, therefore, no other discounts can be used to purchase packages.

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