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Work Out & Give Back – Membership to Benefit the Focused Ultrasound Foundation

acac invites you to work out & give back with our 30 days for $30 campaign during the month of March 2017. $30 gives you a 30-day membership in the club. 100% of your $30 benefits the Focused Ultrasound Foundation.

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What is focused ultrasound?

Focused ultrasound is a new non-invasive, therapeutic technology that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of patients. The Focused Ultrasound Foundation was created to accelerate the development of this technology by working to clear the path to global adoption. It coordinates and funds research, fosters collaboration, and builds awareness.

What happens in a treatment and what are the potential applications?

Multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound are directed and concentrated on a target, much like a magnifying glass can focus beams of light on a single point to burn a hole in a leaf. Where each individual beam passes through the tissue, there is no effect. But, at the focal point, the beams of ultrasound energy can produce many important biological effects.

Today, focused ultrasound is approved in the United States to treat essential tremor, uterine fibroids, and the prostate, as well as reduce pain from bone metastases. The technology is also being studied for more than 70 other diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and tumors of the brain, liver, breast, and pancreas.

Kimberly’s experience with focused ultrasound

When the shaking that accompanied Kimberly’s Parkinson’s disease became disabling, she knew she had to find an answer. Kimberly took part in a focused ultrasound clinical trial, and now she’s back on the road. Watch her amazing story below:


FREE download of The Tumor by John Grisham

John Grisham’s The Tumor tells the story of a young father named Paul who is diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor. With current medical options, Paul’s future is bleak. However, ten years from now, focused ultrasound could be used to treat Paul, transforming his fatal condition into one that is chronic, but manageable. The Tumor also includes a summary of the state of the technology and the Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s mission to accelerate progress.  

John Grisham has been a board member and steadfast supporter of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation for years. He hopes to ignite widespread interest and raise funds to support its work.

The short book is available for free on the Foundation’s website and as an e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

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How can I participate in the 30 days for $30 fundraiser?

Stop by or contact your local acac club at the link below:


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