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Below are general policies for acac Fitness and Wellness Centers. Individual club locations may have additional and/or more specific policies. acac reserves the right to change club policies and procedures at any time.

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Club Closings / Inclement Weather

Club closings are communicated to members via email, Facebook and Instagram.

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Incidents / Accidents

In the case of an unusual incident or an accident, please notify the Site Manager or Manager on Duty. In the event of an incident or accident outside of staffed club hours, please contact EMS as needed and notify the Site Manager or General Manager.

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Personal Belongings

acac encourages all members and guests to secure personal belongings. Lockers are available for day use only unless the member has entered into a locker rental agreement (available at select clubs). Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle, and always lock your vehicle. acac is not liable or responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items, whether from lockers, vehicles, or other locations on acac premises.

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Proper Attire

Members and guests are expected to wear proper attire when using acac facilities and participating in programs. acac management reserves the right to determine whether a member’s or guest’s attire is appropriate. Please see a team member if you have any questions.

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Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices may not be used in the locker rooms. The use of cell phones or other devices to take photos or videos is also prohibited in the acac Kids Zone.

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Solicitation of acac members, team members, and guests is prohibited unless prior permission has been given by acac management.

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Changing Facilities

To provide an inclusive environment for its members and guests, acac offers a variety of changing and bathroom facilities. Assisted changing rooms/bathrooms are available for individuals and families needing assistance and/or privacy. Children over the age of three are not permitted in locker rooms of the opposite sex. Gender neutral changing areas and lavatories are available in our flagship locations. We encourage transgender members and guests to use the facilities of the gender with which they identify.

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Members and guests may not engage in training/instructional activities at any acac site with anyone other than an acac team member, regardless of whether or not compensation is exchanged for the training.

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Use of Group Ex Studios and Equipment

Members may use the group studios, including the cycle studio, for individual activities when the studio is not scheduled for a class or other organized acac activity/event. acac prohibits the operation of studio sound systems by members and guests at all times. Pilates studios are reserved for the use of acac members and guests with an instructor or trainer present.

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Smoking and Drugs

acac is a tobacco-free facility, which includes but is not limited to, smoking, chewing tobacco, and vaping. acac prohibits the use of illegal drugs on premises. This includes indoor and outdoor facilities, such as the parking lots. Anyone who is under the influence of drugs is prohibited from using services and equipment or participating in programs at acac.

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Select acac clubs serve beer and wine during designated hours. Consumption is only allowed in designated areas. Alcohol consumption is limited to alcohol purchased and/or distributed onsite through acac. Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol is prohibited from using services and equipment or participating in programs at acacacac reserves the right to card anyone wishing to purchase alcohol and will not serve alcohol to intoxicated individuals.

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Firearm Policy

Law enforcement officers are permitted to carry firearms on acac property and the firearm must be on their person at all times. Open carry is restricted to on-duty law enforcement officers. acac members and guests who are not law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying firearms on acac property. Failure to comply with any or all of the above criteria may be used as grounds for termination of membership.

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acac members and guests may not bring animals into the facility. Service animals are welcome. Service animals must remain with their owner when onsite. acac team members cannot be responsible for watching or feeding service animals. acac is not responsible for animals in vehicles parked in acac lots. Animals in vehicles should be secured and unable to exit the vehicle without assistance from the member/guest.

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Youth Fitness Policy

acac members ages 9 to 12 are welcome to use club fitness equipment with active adult supervision. Particular care and supervision is recommended for children using select motorized cardio equipment. Prior to first equipment use, we suggest children participate in a complimentary equipment orientation session with a trainer. Members ages 9 to 12, with active adult supervision, may also enjoy group exercise classes. BodyPUMP and kettlebell classes are reserved for members ages 13 and older. 

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acac Outdoor Waterpark (Charlottesville, Midlothian, West Chester)

Youth members ages 10 and older may enjoy the acac Waterpark without onsite adult supervision. Guests ages 13 and older may enjoy the acac Waterpark without onsite adult supervision.  In the event the Waterpark closes unexpectedly due to inclement weather, children without an adult onsite may be brought to the club’s Kids Zone. If the Kids Zone is not open or there is no Kids Zone on the property, the unsupervised children will be brought to the Manager on Duty. Children will be asked to call a parent to pick them up within 30 minutes. Please make sure your child knows how to reach you during their Waterpark visit. In the event of an unexpected closing, children should be picked up promptly from the facility. While acac is committed to creating a safe environment for all members and guests, acac is not responsible for monitoring and ensuring the continued presence of your child at the Waterpark. Therefore, if your child leaves the Waterpark/property, acac is not be responsible for his or her safety.

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Guest Policy

At acac our members are our first priority and we operate as a membership-based club. With that in mind and in order to accommodate our members’ guests and visitors to the area, we have the following guest policies for acac Fitness and Wellness Centers:

Guests of Members

Members are welcome to bring guests to acac. The following fees and procedures apply to guests of members:


The daily fee for guests of members is $15 for individuals 18 years of age and over and $10 for individuals ages 17 and under.

Limitations on Number of Visits

In-town guests—guests who live within twenty-five miles of acac—may use acac facilities as a guest of a member up to six times per year.

Number of Guests

Members may bring in as many in-town guests as there are members on the membership or one non-member family. Members wishing to bring in additional guests should contact the club’s Membership Director in advance of the visit to discuss special event options.


Upon entering the club, members’ guests must complete a club waiver. Club waivers are valid for one year. Members and their in-town guests must check-in together.

First Fridays

The first Friday of every month, acac members are invited to bring a guest at no charge. All other guest policies apply.

Unaccompanied Guests

The following individuals may use acac’s facilities without being accompanied by a member:

  • Individuals who are members of an IHRSA club
  • Out-of-town guests, defined as individuals who live beyond 25 miles of acac


The daily fee for out-of-town adult guests (ages 18 and up) is $23 and $10 for minor child guests (ages 17 and under). Individuals who are members of an IHRSA club receive 50% off the out-of-town guest fee.

Number of Visits

There is no limit on the number of visits for out-of-town and/or individuals who are members of an IHRSA club.

Registration and Check In

Upon entering the club, out-of-town guests and individuals who are members of an IHRSA club must show a photo ID with current address and complete a club waiver. Club waivers are valid for one year.

Guests Under 18

Guests under the age of 18 must have a waiver completed and signed by their parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult member (18 years of age or older). A parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult member must remain onsite for any guest under the age of 13.

3 Day Pass Terms & Conditions

Individuals who claim the 3 day guest pass must see membership to activate their pass. This pass is valid for in-town guests only. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All guests must have a valid form of ID. Limited to one pass per person per year. Pass expires 2 weeks from the date of submission. Pass is valid for 3 consecutive days. 

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Kids Zone Policies

Our onsite Kids Zone facility allows you to enjoy your workout while your children, ages 6 weeks through 12 years, participate in a variety of activities. Below are our updated Kids Zone Policies designed to provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment for your loved ones.

General Policies:

  • Children must be checked in and out by a parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult when visiting the Kids Zone.
  • Children may visit the Kids Zone up to two and a half hours per day.
  • Children should be fed prior to visiting the Kids Zone. Children should also have a fresh diaper and/or use the bathroom prior to their visit.
  • The use of cell phones or other devices to take photos or videos is prohibited in the acac Kids Zones.
  • Children may bring a snack to the Kids Zone. Snacks should not require heating or other special preparation. acac Kids Zone is a nut-free facility.
  • Children should refrain from bringing personal games and toys to the Kids Zone. acac is not liable or responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. acac Kids Zone team members may restrict the use of personal devices to specific areas of the Kids Zone. acac Kids Zone team members are not responsible for the content viewed on personal devices. acac team members may restrict certain material from being viewed or shared on member/guest personal devices.

Illness Policies:

  • Sick children, including but not limited to children with a fever and/or contagious illness, should not visit the Kids Zone. If a child becomes sick while in the Kids Zone, the parent and/or designated adult is responsible for immediately picking up the child.
  • acac Kids Zone team members may not accept or administer medication to any child. This includes emergency medication, such as EpiPens.

Safety and Security Policies:

  • If a person other than the person who signed the child in is going to pick up the child, the name of the person picking up the child should be communicated to the acac team member working the Kids Zone desk.
  • acac team members may require photo identification from anyone signing a child out of the Kids Zone.
  • A parent or designated adult (person 18 years of age or older) must remain onsite at the club while the child is visiting the Kids Zone.
  • Kids Zone team members may contact the parents of children requiring one-to-one supervision, children who are unable to comfortably participate in Kids Zone activities, and/or children exhibiting undesirable behavior. Kids Zone team members will make a reasonable effort to calm and/or redirect a child. Kids Zone team members may ask the parent to pick up the child from the Kids Zone. Children exhibiting undesirable behaviors repeatedly and/or specific behaviors the team deems as aggressive or unsafe may have their Kids Zone privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Parents and supervising adults may enter the Kids Zone to assist their children. For safety reasons, parents and supervising adults are limited to a ten-minute stay in the Kids Zone. Adults wishing to spend more than ten minutes in the Kids Zone to assist and/or observe their child should speak with the Kids Zone Director.

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Logo Shop Exchange and Return Policy

You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange your item unwashed, with tags attached. If tags are not attached we can not exchange or refund your purchase. Please note that all sale items are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Policy updated 10.20.21