Kids Zone Policies

Our onsite Kids Zone facility allows you to enjoy your workout while your children, ages 6 weeks through 12 years, participate in a variety of activities. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment.

Use of the Kids Zone is free for members with a family membership. Monthly and daily rates are available within select clubs. Please see a membership coordinator for monthly and daily rates.

Children must be checked in and out by a parent, guardian, or sponsoring adult when visiting the Kids Zone.

Children may visit the Kids Zone up to two and a half hours per day.

If a person other than the person who signed the child in is going to pick up the child, the name of the person picking up the child should be communicated to the acac team member working the Kids Zone desk.

acac team members may require photo identification from anyone signing a child out of the Kids Zone.

A parent or designated adult (person 18 years of age or older) must remain onsite at the club while the child is visiting the Kids Zone.

Children should refrain from bringing personal games and toys to the Kids Zone. acac is not liable or responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. acac Kids Zone team members may restrict the use of personal devices to specific areas of the Kids Zone. acac Kids Zone team members are not responsible for the content viewed on personal devices. acac team members may restrict certain material from being viewed or shared on member/guest personal devices.

acac Kids Zone team members may not accept or administer medication to any child. This includes emergency medication, such as EpiPens.

Sick children, including but not limited to children with a fever and/or contagious illness, should not visit the Kids Zone. If a child becomes sick while in the Kids Zone, the parent and/or designated adult is responsible for immediately picking up the child.

Kids Zone team members may contact the parents of children requiring one-to-one supervision, children who are unable to comfortably participate in Kids Zone activities, and/or children exhibiting undesirable behavior. Kids Zone team members will make a reasonable effort to calm and/or redirect a child. Kids Zone team members may ask the parent to pick up the child from the Kids Zone. Children exhibiting undesirable behaviors repeatedly and/or specific behaviors the team deems as aggressive or unsafe may have their Kids Zone privileges suspended or revoked.

Children should be fed prior to visiting the Kids Zone. Children should also have a fresh diaper and/or use the bathroom prior to their visit.

Children may bring a snack to the Kids Zone. Snacks should not require heating or other special preparation. acac Kids Zone is a nut-free facility.

The use of cell phones or other devices to take photos or videos is prohibited in the acac Kids Zones.

Parents and supervising adults may enter the Kids Zone to assist their children. For safety reasons, parents and supervising adults are limited to a ten-minute stay in the Kids Zone. Adults wishing to spend more than ten minutes in the Kids Zone to assist and/or observe their child should speak with the Kids Zone Director.