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The InBody Body Composition Analyzer goes beyond the scale or traditional BMI testing.

A 15 – 120 second scan gives you a complete body composition analysis and allows you to see your fat, muscle, and water levels. But what does it mean? acac Medical Director Dr. Greg Degnan breaks it down for us.

  • Body composition is a much better method of defining health than BMI or weight as the latter do not differentiate between a pound of muscle or a pound of fat.
  • Muscular and heavy is healthier than “skinny fat.”
  • Muscle gain with fat loss may result in no net weight loss but dramatically improved health. This is the reason beginner exercisers often get frustrated when they track their weight via scale.
  • Likewise, muscle loss and fat gain can result in no net weight change but significant harm to one’s health (skinny fat).
  • The InBody composition analyzer allows us to differentiate muscle from fat. It also allows us to differentiate the less harmful subcutaneous fat from the more harmful visceral fat around your organs.
  • The results also help guide you in tailoring your exercise regimen by defining deficiencies in skeletal muscle mass, excess of body fat, or asymmetry of muscle mass in the extremities.

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acac‘s certified personal trainers are here to help your interpret your results! You can also visit the InBody website to better understand your analysis.