acac Member and Guest Policies and Procedures

Below are general policies for acac Fitness and Wellness Centers. Individual club locations may have additional and/or more specific policies. acac reserves the right to change club policies and procedures at any time.


In the case of an unusual incident or an accident, please notify the Manager on Duty. A designated Manager on Duty is available during club operating hours. The Manager on Duty will assist you and document the incident.

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Outdoor Waterpark Youth Policy (Charlottesville, West Chester, and Midlothian)

Youth members ages 10 and older may enjoy the acac Waterpark without onsite adult supervision. In the event the Waterpark closes unexpectedly due to inclement weather, children without an adult onsite may be brought to the club’s Kids Zone. If the Kids Zone is not open or there is no Kids Zone on property, the unsupervised children will be brought to the manager on duty. Children will be asked to call a parent to come get them, so please make sure your child knows how to reach you during their Waterpark visit. In the event of an unexpected closing, children should be picked up promptly from the facility. While acac is committed to creating a safe environment for all members and guests, acac is not responsible for monitoring and ensuring the continued presence of your child at the Waterpark. Therefore, if your child leaves the Waterpark/property, acac will not be responsible for his or her safety.

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Personal Belongings

acac encourages all members to secure their personal belongings in a locker. Lockers are intended for day use only unless the member has entered into a locker rental agreement (available at select clubs). acac Fitness and Wellness Centers are not liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

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Cell Phone and Other Mobile Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices are prohibited in the locker rooms due to photographic and video capabilities.

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Personal Training by Member and/or Guests

Members and guests may not solicit and/or conduct training sessions with members and/or guests, regardless of whether or not compensation is received for the training.

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Smoking and Drugs

acac prohibits the use of tobacco and illegal drugs on premises. This includes both indoor and outdoor facilities, such as the parking lots.

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Firearms Policy

Law enforcement officers are permitted to carry firearms on acac property and the firearm must be on their person at all times. Open carry is restricted to on-duty law enforcement officers. acac members and guests who are not law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying firearms on acac property. Failure to comply with any or all of the above criteria may be used as grounds for termination of membership.

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Inclement Weather

Any changes in operational hours due to inclement weather will be communicated to members via the official acac website and facebook pages.