Germantown Alert

It is with a heavy heart that we announce acac Germantown will close at 4:00pm on Monday, March 16th. Please click here to read more.

May all of you remain diligent and safe during this outbreak and thank you for your continued support of our club and team. We value your continued patience and loyalty and remain hopeful for only a brief interruption in service.


acac Germantown is a Diet-to-Go pickup location.

Diet-to-Go provides a nourishing, delicious, diet delivery service for individuals to help them lose weight and feel great. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in their freshly prepared diet meals that adhere to the dietary guidelines of all major health organizations.

The meals can be picked up at acac with everything you need, including all the little extras like fruit, juices, side items and condiments.

Diet-to-Go offers 3 delicious diet menus so your meals can fit your lifestyle and personal taste:

Click here for more information about Diet-to-Go or call 240-348-500.