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Welcome to our monthly p.r.e.p. corner! This month highlights the interconnectedness of nutrition, exercise, and foundational habits in achieving optimal health. p.r.e.p. Director Lisa Woodcock’s insights on embracing process goals echo Nurse Deena’s approach to customizable meals – both emphasize the importance of consistency and mindful choices. Let’s dive into our 3 tips for hitting your fitness goals.

Small Changes Lead to Huge Results

with p.r.e.p. Director Lisa W.
Once you’ve established and practiced new habits for 8 weeks, you’ve already done about 80% of the legwork for your transformation!
So, this year, we encourage you to focus on process goals. The difference between process goals and outcome goals is that process goals focus on your habits and activities (i.e. go on a walk daily, drink 80 oz. of water daily, work out 2x a week), whereas outcome goals focus on the outcome (i.e. lose weight, lose inches, etc.).
We want to celebrate both types of goals, but we encourage you to especially celebrate the small habits you are doing now that maybe you weren’t doing last year! Small changes add up to yield huge results!

Takeaway: By honing in on daily habits like regular exercise, hydration, and healthy eating, you’re already on the path to transformation. Celebrate these small victories and recognize that consistent effort leads to significant results over time.

Utilizing Nutrition to Meet Your Goals

with Nurse Deena C.
Nourishing your body and mind with proper nutrition is important no matter what your goal is. Try out this family-friendly Create Your Own Baked Potato (C.Y.O.B.P.) meal that allows everyone to customize a hearty meal that suits their tastes and nutritional needs.

  • Bake or microwave your russet potatoes until cooked to desired texture then slice down the center and gently squeeze the sides to widen the opening.
  • Top with your favorites to add more nutrients: steamed veggies (fiber, vitamins), cheese (healthy fats, calcium), salsa (antioxidants), chicken (protein), lean beef (protein, iron), marinated tofu (protein, calcium)
  • Make sure to add enough protein (~4oz) and veggies (~handful) to balance out your meal
  • For added fun, lay out all the toppings for everyone to grab what they like
  • Low Waste Tip: Russet potato skin is packed with vitamins and fiber. Crisp up your peeled potato skins in a frying pan or in the oven and dip in your favorite sauce

This versatile meal is not only easy to prepare but also provides essential nutrients to fuel your active lifestyle. It also makes great leftovers!

Back to the Basics with Foundational Habits

with p.r.e.p. Director Lisa W
Sometimes, in the pursuit of our fitness goals, we can overlook fundamental habits that lay the foundation for success. However, when coming up with a plan of action that actually works, staying consistent with the basics is the most important! If we have not established a healthy foundation, the small details will not even matter.
Over the next week, I want to encourage you to re-visit the basics. Pick one or two items from this list that you feel would be the most impactful and commit to them for the next 7 days. Use a journal or your digital notepad, and take notes daily about how you feel during these days compared to before.

  • Drink about half your bodyweight in fluid ounces water daily – for example, a 150 lbs person needs 75 fl oz/day
  • Hit 10,000 steps per day – break this up throughout the day if you’re lacking on time
  • Get 5-10 minutes of natural sunlight per day – don’t forget sunscreen
  • Go on a 20-minute walk daily – need motivation? Take a friend, call a friend, listen to a podcast, or start a new audiobook
  • Sleep 8 hours per night – set yourself up for success with a healthy pre-bed routine
  • Stretch for 10-15 minutes daily – create a stretching and mobility routine with 5-6 moves

There are no “rights” or “wrongs” with this activity. Just pick habits that work for your schedule and lifestyle…and enjoy the benefits you feel after!

Takeaway: By focusing on small changes and getting back to basics, you’re creating a solid framework for your wellness journey. Whether it’s staying hydrated, prioritizing sleep, or incorporating daily movement, these simple practices are key to overall well-being. Take the time to revisit these basics and commit to integrating them into your routine for lasting results.

Every step you take towards your wellness goals matters. Whether it’s a small change in your routine, a nourishing meal enjoyed with loved ones, or a return to fundamental habits, each action propels you closer to your full potential.

acac is here to support you on your health journey so you can live your best. Ask a team member about the nutrition and exercise services available at your closest club location.