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Dominique tailors the workout to my needs

I am a man who needs accountability in order to come to the gym and workout. If someone is expecting me, I will show up and do the work. Left to my own devices I will blow off workingout. What I like about Dominique is her enthusiasm. She always greets me with a smile and is uniformly positive throughout the workouts. That makes the work feel fun instead of boring. Many times I am surprised that the session is finished. During our sessions, we talk and I feel that we’ve developed a true friendship.

Dominique tailors the workout to my needs. She pushes me, which I want. But she will also back off if, for some reason, I am having difficulty with the movement and find something suitable for me. While most days I feel as if I a, 40, I am 67. Anyone who is looking for a great trainer should engage Dominique’s services. You can’t go wrong!

Howard Mitchell