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Real results and the ability to motivate and teach

Dominique Calvini provided a transformative personal training experience for me.  I was a year out from knee surgery and had lost significant muscle mass from my right leg.  I also experienced a range of mobility and soreness with that knee.  These challenges stood in the way of my goal to return to the soccer field in competitive shape. 

Dominique spent time with me to understand the specifics of my physical challenges and goals, put me through a few “limit-finding” exercises, and then crafted a plan that was tailored to my specific needs.  The results were unambiguous: I regained the lost muscle mass and then exceeded the mass I had prior to surgery!  Moreover the soreness I had previously experienced after playing soccer began to evaporate.  Most impressive to me was the impact of Dominique’s training to improve my mobility and sprint speed which improved within a couple of weeks after I began practicing them.  The bottom line is that after spending 3 months with Dominique I had surpassed my level of fitness prior to my knee surgery. 

First and foremost I recommend Dominique for the results that her regimen provided.  But I also recommend her for her ability to motivate and teach.  A trainer can have all the right physiological/kinesthetic knowledge but not know how to impart that knowledge or make it stick with their clients.  Dominique was able to do all of the above.   

Thanks to her, I’m back on the field, having fun, and staying in shape. 

Andrew Cox