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The Journey

Ryan is excellent at educating you in the mechanics of physical fitness, but where he stands apart is his focus on the total wellness of his clients. In addition to working with you on nutrition and tailored workouts to meet your goals, Ryan incorporates mental and emotional wellness in to your journey. We have worked together in one-on-one and in small group (fit camp-style) settings. While one-on-one is exclusively focused on you, in a group setting he is able to give each person tailored feedback based on their individual fitness level and ability. What Ryan cannot do for you is make you come to the gym. What he does do is make you want to be there through his energy, encouragement, and genuine excitement in your personal successes.

When I was searching for someone help me on my path toward better health, I saw that Ryan incorporated meditation in to his program. That appealed to me based on my fitness and overall wellness goals. In addition to guiding me in basic meditation, Ryan has suggested several books since we met that have helped me in my emotional and spiritual journey. I was at a low point in my overall health when my family joined ACAC. I needed to lose at least 25 pounds to resolve fat build up in my liver and lower my blood pressure. Ryan has been a significant part in my progress, guiding me to 45 pound weight loss. I now have a clear liver and am off all blood pressure medication. He did not do the hard work, but he made the time I am putting in more efficient and fulfilling.