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Anne Harlow

Seriously overweight and too sedentary for years, I was encouraged by my doctor to join the PREP program several years ago. Immediately, I appreciated the close supervision, the warmth, and the helpfulness of the nurse and trainers in that area. In fact, everyone who works at ACAC is so friendly and approachable. Also, the variety of machines is appealing and I enjoy meeting others of my age and activity level.
I joined with a couple of close friends and we encouraged each other to maintain a fairly regular schedule. Then, for some reason, I slacked off for a while and didn’t go to the gym for about four or five months. I had plenty of excuses.
Shortly after returning this past May, I met Josh Zeigler. He had recently started working at ACAC and I guess we kind of found each other that day. I expressed some of my physical shortcomings while working in the PREP circuit and he suggested that I might try using a personal trainer—him! After a couple of trial sessions, I was totally hooked. I changed from a down-in-the-dumps couch potato who hated anything that involved sweating or exercising to an upbeat person with lots of energy who, I can’t believe I’m saying this now, actually looks forward to going to the gym!
Thanks to encouragement and training from Josh, I have lost over 60 pounds and I feel so much better. When I tell him what I can’t do (such as walking up steps and standing up from low chairs), he designs part of my program to strengthen the parts of my body that would allow me to do those things. I really like the variety of activities he has me do so that our sessions are never monotonous. He listens, he motivates, he pushes without my realizing it, and then he celebrates my successes.
I have confidence that I will continue to become a healthier version of myself with Josh’s help. He has become someone whose opinion I respect and whose advice I appreciate. Oh, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of slips. I have not been cured from my compulsive eating behavior, but I know that I will continue to get stronger working with the knowledgeable and caring motivator and trainer that I have found in Josh Zeigler.