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“I began personal training with Carlos Dorsey near the end of January 2013 and he has transformed my body in just a year! I’ve been an exercise fanatic since high school and was used to working out fairly strenuously and have never been overweight, but as I settled into middle age my metabolism changed and so did my shape. I started developing subcutaneous fat in my belly area that didn’t go away, no matter how hard I exercised. After meeting with a nutritionist and studying healthy eating plans, I changed my diet in order to neutralize my belly fat and continued to make further changes, but my middle stubbornly refused to decrease in size. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I changed personal trainers and started working with Carlos.

Carlos created an eating plan specifically for me, as well an individual workout plan. I’ve done my part in that I’ve stuck to his diet, but it really hasn’t been hard to do because I started seeing results right away! My belly fat started to disappear quickly and, to my considerable surprise, I’ve lost 17 pounds! I never expected to lose that much weight, and now I have to eat more, not less, to maintain my weight loss! My pants size has gone from a 4 to a 2 to a 0 to a 00! Carlos’ exercise regimen has increased my strength and improved my overall physical conditioning rather dramatically, even though I’d been working with a personal trainer for years and had been in good physical shape before I started training with Carlos. Again, he has surprised me with how much his training program has changed me for the better! I’m very happy with how lean my body is now and also with my increased energy level.

I’m so glad that I listened to my friend and decided to give Carlos’ program a try. Working with him has transformed my physique! “
– Mary Beth Schmalbach