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I found my strength again and started to believe in my own power

Dominique trained me for approximately six months. I am in a profession with specific physical requirements and strict body composition standards. I have been an athlete my entire life, but at 39, raising twin two-year old boys and attending school full-time, I found myself struggling to maintain my fitness and weight. While under significant stress, my employer added a new physical requirement to my semi-annual physical fitness test, the pull-up. In order to earn a promotion, I needed to string together as many pull-ups as possible. I came to Dominique unable to do a single pull-up. I felt self-defeated and overwhelmed. But after just a month of working with Dominique twice a week, for 30 minutes, I found my strength again. Through her positive encouragement, personalized workouts, and authentic concern for my well-being, I slowly started to believe in my own power. After just 6 months working together, I took my physical fitness test and did 8 pull-ups, the maximum number required. I do not believe I would have done nearly as well without Dominique’s help. She is truly gifted not only as an athletic trainer, but as a rare person who can bring out the best in others when it truly counts. I am so grateful to have met Dominique and have had the opportunity to learn from the best.

Mary Anderlonis