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"This is the best gift I have given myself and my family."

I contracted with Teresa Tebo Harris for personal training at ACAC Albemarle Square location. My goals were to improve my posture, become stronger, increase energy and endurance and try to alleviate my lower back pain. Through her expertise, guidance and encouragement I have not only met but exceeded my goals. I am engaged in half hour sessions 2x per week. After only 2 sessions my energy improved. My children and Husband have remarked on my renewed energy. I am so much stronger, I have a one-year-old granddaughter that I can cart around all day like I’m in my thirties (I will be 60 this week!). I am impressed with Teresa’s knowledge of the body and muscles. I have gone to Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, and massage for my lower back pain and did get some relief. Teresa laid out a plan to strengthen various muscles that support my back. The improvement is nothing short of miraculous. While working out, Teresa is constantly observing, critiquing, suggesting ways to get the best out of my workout. I feel more confident going back into group exercise classes with Teresa’s guidance. I feel I get the most value for my dollars with these sessions. They are intense and focused but I never feel rushed. A surprise benefit that came with my personal training is that I feel confident to work out on my own at ACAC with the tools that Teresa has given me. Although I love taking group classes, I feel that now I am not limited to them, which leads me to workout more often and on my own schedule.

There has been a real shift in my universe, I no longer feel that I should workout, I WANT to workout. Regular and quality exercise is a real and permanent part of my life now, it is my lifestyle. I say with full conviction I owe this to the personal training program at ACAC and Teresa Tebo Harris’s knowledgeable instruction . This is the best gift I have given myself and my family.