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Not just a trainer, but a friend

I train with Warren because of his love to see others succeed and to feel better. He has been a huge encouragement to me as I found myself after surgery weighing more than I had ever in my entire life. Warren always saw in me what I didn’t think was there. Through small goal setting, constant encouragement, and his great wealth of knowledge in diet and exercise, I now feel much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Warren helped me in a 4-month period go from 356 pounds to 296 pounds. I’ve had my blood pressure medicine cut more than half because it has been regulated. I find myself feeling much better and more confident because of Warren! He is a great accountability partner and he has gone above and beyond what’s asked of him for me. Just spend a session with him and his love for what he does and for people will shine through. You don’t just gain a trainer but you also gain a friend who is a constant source of help as you work hard to get where you need to be. – Chip PerkinsĀ