The Ultimate Halloween Workout

Scare your muscles into shape with this Halloween-themed workout from acac West Chester personal trainer Michelle Marshall!

Circuit 1: Complete 3 Rounds

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13 Goblin Squats
Holding a kettlebell in front of your chest, stand with your feet shoulder distance apart and squat down so your knees are behind your toes and your chest is lifted.

To regress this exercise: decrease weight.
To progress this exercise: increase weight.

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13 TRX Skull Crushers
Stand on an angle in a straight line from your feet to your toes with your arms straight out in front of you shoulder distance apart. Bending at just the elbows, bring your hands toward your head and keep your elbows tucked in while you push back to start position.

To regress this exercise: step forward, or drop to your knees.
To progress this exercise: step backward.

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13 Frankenstein Leg Kicks
At the same time, kick one of your legs forward (keeping it straight) and raise your opposite hand while you lift your chest. Alternate legs and arms to complete 26 kicks total, or 13 on each side.

To progress this exercise: add a hop to your kicks.

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13 BOOty Lifters
Lay flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips up so that you have a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Squeeze at the top, then slowly lower yourself down while keeping your core embraced.

To progress this exercise: do single leg bridges or add weight to your lap.

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13 Black Widows
Starting in plank position, complete a push-up as you lift one knee to your elbow. Return to starting position and complete on the other side.

To regress this exercise: perform this exercise on your knees.

Circuit 2: Complete 3 Rounds

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10 Scared Cats
Start in plank position with sliding discs underneath your feet and use your abs to lift your hips up to the ceiling as your feet move towards your head. Return to start position.

To regress this exercise: perform without discs.

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Stir the Cauldron
Place your feet in the straps of the TRX machine and get into plank position. Swing your legs in a circle so that your knees come out to the side, then into your chest, out to the other side, then back to start position. Complete five circles each way.

To regress this exercise: do not use the TRX; lie on your back and complete crunches using the same circular motion.

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10 Creepy Crawlers
Facing up on your hands and knees, walk forward with your hands and feet. Keep your legs lifted to feel your core stabilizing as you move.