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Whether you have special medical needs or just need to jumpstart healthy habits, acac’s Physician Referred Exercise Program, p.r.e.p.® is the perfect place to start…

p.r.e.p.® includes

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  • 2 optional training sessions per week in small groups with medical fitness experts
  • Nutrition support and fitness education from our expert team of nurses and certified trainers
  • Full access to all acac fitness facilities
  • Hundreds of weekly group exercise classes
  • Aquatics centers, including heated therapy pools
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For me, the hardest part of the pandemic quarantine was “gym withdrawal.” As part of the 60+ group, I’ve been extra cautious during all this. I honestly feel safer at ACAC than I do at the grocery store, where too many people don’t follow the distancing guidelines—especially if you get between them and a bargain!


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