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Community is one of our core values. We strive to serve and support our local and global communities by dedicating time, energy and resources that make a difference in the lives of others.
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core strength: how to work the core while you're at work

July 22, 2015

Many of us are hearing and reading about the importance of a strong core. Here are some common questions and some ways that working adults can mix core exercises into a busy day in the office. Why is core strength so important? A major function of your core is your posture. Your posture affects your breathing…

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physical health success podcast

Adults are busier than ever it seems. Maintaining a regular regimen that includes eating right and exercising isn’t always easy but it is possible, and very necessary in order to achieve physical health success. Listen to this “Sounds of Success” podcast featuring Dr. Pamela Ross and acac owner Phil Wendel.

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When I joined acac earlier this year, I knew I needed a change. I felt fat and tired. I had lost the motivation to work out. In the past seven months, I have lost over 20 pounds and three inches off my waist. I look and feel better than I did in college.

Will M.

acac Midlothian

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