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Have you visited the pool lately?

It’s important to stay active as your body ages. The pool is the perfect place for a safe and effective workout! Check out these five aging benefits of aquatic exercise from Dr. Greg Degnanacac‘s Medical Director.

  1. It allows both cardio and resistance training with low impact and is great for people with arthritis or chronic back pain.
  2. The added buoyancy makes it more comfortable and user-friendly for the obese as a weight loss measure.
  3. Good calorie expenditure! Water aerobics burns between 400 and 500 calories an hour
  4. It enhances balance and helps to minimize fall risk.
  5. It is usually done as a group exercise program and the socialization enhances the experience.

Get started with these aquatic exercises below (click image to download PDF) or talk to your p.r.e.p. team about group exercise classes in the warm water pool. 

Aquatic Exercise descriptions side one of card
Aquatic Exercise descriptions side 2