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Originally Published: May 28, 2015

Do you find yourself not drinking as much water as you should? Our daily schedules are demanding and sometimes even life’s simplest routines seem to slip past us. 

We understand! 

Whether you’re on the job, raising a family, or at acac exercising, it is essential to take time for yourself and drink water. We put together a list of tips from our Team Members that will help you make sure you’re staying hydrated with that ‘ever so’ important H20.

1)  Buy a water bottle.

Purchasing a water bottle is the most common answer we heard. If you keep a water bottle handy (of course with water in it) it is second nature to drink from it. Have one available while you exercise, as well as in your car and at your desk. When water is convenient at the places you frequent most, drinking it will become a habit.

2)  Set a schedule.

Planning a schedule for consuming water is a great way to keep life’s thirst on track. Use a timer set for every 30 minutes & make a trip to the water fountain for a sip or two. Also, try planning ahead of each meal and drink a full glass of water prior to eating.  

3)  Drink water with a straw.

We don’t know if there is scientific evidence to back up this theory, but drinking water through a straw is just more fun!   

4)  Add fresh fruit.

water and strawberries

Fruit-infused water can be a delicious twist on hydration. Grab a cucumber or strawberry and slice it up, put it in your water, and enjoy the fresh flavor. Of course, don’t forget about the classics – limes/lemons are a favorite, too.

5)  Start your day off right.

Wake up and warm your soul not with coffee, but with a cup of warm lemon water. There is something soothing about a little citrus in the early hours of the morning before hitting the daily grind.

6)  Reward yourself.

Need a little incentive for drinking more water? Reward yourself by having the mindset of: “Before I drink this coffee, I will need to drink a glass of water” or “Before I go swimming in the pool, I will drink a glass of water.” Sometimes we rush into the fun aspects of life and forget about the essentials.

7)  Cup of water!

Plain and simple, having a glass of water is refreshing and there is nothing else on Earth like it. Cheers, friends! Here’s to water!