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Originally Published: Apr 06, 2017

headshot of Martha Lankford

Martha Lankford, an acac personal trainer in Charlottesville, shares 5 of the most important types of exercise all older adults should do:

  • Push/pull exercises: Either using machines or tubing/body weight, start with a standing row followed by a chest press or push-up at a railing or counter.
  • Lower body exercises: Sit-to-stand exercises using a chair or stability ball to increase leg strength, or squats at a railing or counter.
  • Core exercises: Bird dogdead bug and bridging are great core exercises that target multiple muscle groups.
  • Balance exercises: Doing balance exercises in a seated position, standing position and moving will help strengthen feet, ankles, legs, hips and core when incorporated into an exercise routine.
  • Flexibility exercises: Taking a stretch class regularly or doing independent stretching is imperative to maintaining good joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

To learn more about how Exercise is Power for older adults, watch this great informational video below:

For more information reach out to a personal trainer at your club.