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Originally Published: Mar 08, 2016

Independence Golf Club and acac Fitness and Wellness Center are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership to combine facility amenities in a unique membership offer. We are excited to introduce a membership program that puts a modern spin on the traditional country club model. Learn more below.


What is the Joint Membership program?  

Independence Golf Club and acac have created a program that allows community patrons to customize a membership package that best suits their individual and/or family needs. Whereas the traditional country club has members pay a high initiation fee and monthly dues for the facility’s full array of amenities, our Joint Membership program gives the member the option to build an a la carte family fitness plan by selecting the amenities available at Independence and acac. There are no initiation fees when you join both clubs, and our monthly dues are lower than what an individual or family may expect to pay at a country club. We have provided an example to show how it works:

Family A has 2 adults and 2 children. Adult 2 is the only member who plays golf, but the entire family enjoys tennis, working out and the pool during the summer.

– At a country club, this family likely pays an initiation fee then pays the maximum dues as if all members of the family use all available facilities (golf, tennis, fitness and pool).

– Under the Joint Membership offered by Independence and acac, this family would select a golf membership at Independence for Adult 2 and a full family membership at acac, with no initiation fee and monthly dues that are a fraction of the cost when compared to country club dues. 

What membership categories are available?

Independence offers 3 membership types

  • Single Adult (18 years and older)
  • Family (customized based upon composition of family)
  • Junior (17 years and younger). 

acac offers 3 membership types

  • Individual (13 years and older)
  • Couple (may include 1 parent and 1 child)
  • Family (2 adults and 1 child included – additional for more than 1 child)
  • Within each membership type, acac offers 3 tiers
    • Fitness Only (includes Indoor Pools)
    • Fitness + Outdoor Pools
    • Full Facility (includes tennis)

An applicant for this program would select a membership type at Independence and a membership type/tier at acac; these selections are combined to create the custom membership package.

What does it cost and how am I billed?

We are offering 10% off monthly dues under the Joint Membership and acac is waiving its enrollment fee for new members. Because a la carte customization allows for many options, Director of Golf at Independence or any member of the acac membership team at the Midlothian and Short Pump acac locations for specific pricing. 

Members will be billed monthly by acac. Payment options include credit card or online checking. Payment in full is also accepted, if preferred.

Will I have a member account and have the ability to charge my account for facility expenses?

Yes and no. Members will be allowed to charge a member account at acac; however, member charges at Independence are not yet available.

I am already a member of Independence or acac, but want to sign up for the joint membership. Am I eligible for the 10% discount at my current facility?

Yes. Patrons who are current members at Independence or acac that want to join the joint membership program are eligible for the 10% discount at the facility of which they are already members.

acac has two fitness centers in the Richmond area. Can I use either facility in this program?

Yes, the Midlothian and Short Pump acac fitness centers are both included.   

Independence is a public golf course. What are the benefits to joining as a member?

As a member of Independence, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free green fees on the Championship Course and Bon Secours Mentor Course
  • Preferred cart fees of $10/9 holes and $20/18 holes (no additional cost for walking)
  • Unlimited use of range and practice facilities
  • Ability to schedule tee times 2 weeks in advance
  • 10% discount on soft-good merchandise (clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Competitive members-only tournament schedule

When does the membership program start?

The program officially kicks off April 1, 2016. Applications will be accepted prior to the start date to complete necessary administrative procedures but access to Independence and acac facilities will not be granted until April 1, 2016. Applications are expected to be available by Monday, March 14, 2016.

How long is the membership cycle?

The membership cycle for the first year runs for a consecutive twelve (12) month period, starting on the date of signup. Upon the completion of the first year, a member in the joint membership program goes to a month-to-month structure at the prevailing monthly rates. 

Is there a trial period?

Yes. All new members under the joint membership program are given a 30-day trial period. During the trial period, the new member pays the first month of dues and has access to the facilities at Independence and acac. If for any reason the member is not happy with the membership during the first 30 days, the member may cancel with no penalty.

I love this idea. How do I sign up?

Applications are available in Shadwells at Independence as well as the Midlothian and Short Pump acac locations.