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Originally Published: Jan 02, 2017

By acac personal trainer Ann Burns

Some things to know:

● TRX is for everybody, not just the “super fit” or athletes.

● But, if you are an athlete, did you know it can help improve your athletic performance?

● Simple, but not easy. It is fun and challenging at every level.

● It is an efficient full body workout … every single time!

● Great for burning fat, toning your muscles and getting stronger.

● Team Training provides a built-in support system.

What is TRX?

A former Navy Seal created the TRX suspension trainer out of necessity, as are most good things when there is a true need or void. Clearly our military men and women need to be strong and resilient! And they need to be strong without packing on a ton of muscle that they have to lug around the field. Also, it wasn’t practical to have Olympic bars and weights or machines out in the field.


Enter TRX. This special contraption uses bodyweight and physics to create a demanding workout for the fittest of the fit, yet it is also a perfect tool to teach proper movement to mainstream exercisers, use in a rehab setting, or work with an older or special population. With a simple change of body angle or body position you can make an exercise easier or more difficult. Whether new to exercise, rehabbing an injury, or in a special population, there is a way to make TRX FUN, and more importantly, SAFE for YOU!

Simple, but not easy

Even really strong men and women (you know, the guys and gals who live in the weight room) may struggle when using TRX. It is unique because it requires core control. You need to “own” a movement or exercise before taking it to the next level. Many people pass off TRX exercises as “easy,” but if done correctly it is anything but easy. There are many “a-ha” moments when using the suspension trainer. Trust me when I say how exciting that is! Those familiar with TRX have probably heard that it’s “All core, all the time”. That could not be more true! It can take your training to the next level and prevent the boredom many people experience with a typical strength routine.

TRX is fun

The possibilities and variations of exercises are endless in terms of making a TRX workout challenging. As you get stronger, the exercises never get easier–you just get better. It will keep you challenged … and honest!

TRX is a super efficient fat blasting & strength workout

With a quick change of position, adjustment of strap length or making a movement dynamic, you can increase or decrease intensity and keep on going. Very little downtime keeps your heart rate up, you keep burning FAT, and you grow stronger without bulk. A 30-minute session allows you to train your whole body, and you will be happy it’s only 30 minutes. Plus, there is built-in support and motivation! Have you ever noticed that when you train alone, sometimes motivation just isn’t there? Training with others can give you the extra push you need. Knowing others will be showing up for a session can help create a level of accountability that could be missing if you always train alone. A little friendly competition can be fun and rewarding, too.

Find a personal trainer at your club who can show you how to best utilize TRX.